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All-Purpose Deep Frying Batter


     1 cup all-purpose Flour
     1 tsp Baking Powder
     1/2 cup Cornstarch
     1 cup Water
     2 tsp Salt
     1 tsp Sugar
     1 tsp Oil



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Mix all of the ingredients together and blend until there are no lumps. Preheat the oil in your deep fat fryer to the proper temperature for the food you are cooking. Dry the fish with a paper towel and dip into the batter. Place in the hot oil one piece at a time. Try to keep the pieces from colliding until the batter has had a chance to set (which it does almost instantly). Cook until the batter has turned a golden brown, remove to a paper towel to drain and serve at once. Serving size: enough for about 2 pounds of fish.

Recipe Reviews:

"A very good batter. I tried it with fish. As with most batters I had to blanch it to get it crunchy the way I like it. Also, it came away from the fish a bit. Would flouring the fish beforehand help? 4 stars."
 -Danny Boy 

"Absolutely a perfect batter for fish. The crunch and flavor are there. Tried it with sole and it was delicious. Thanks!"

"Just finished frying up cod for 20 co-workers. They loved it! I did not have any cornstarch, so I added extra flour. Used some spicy salt, and dusted the pieces with some seasoned flour before dipping in the batter. Fried at 365, for 4 mins. Highly recommended!"

"Awesome recipe! I used this batter for halibut on one of our weekly specials at work. This full-proof masterpiece became a star this week at a reputable Vancouver Hotel. Thanks Fishermans Express!"

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