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We proudly offer delectable, premium-quality seafood from Alaska, and beyond. We can deliver directly to your home or business via overnight, low-cost shipping.
You can feel good when you buy seafood from us! We source only from sustainable, well-managed fisheries.
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Oct 25th - The Boats are Arriving! 2016 Fresh Red King Crab. Order Today!
Oct 21st - Save 20% on Alaskan Halibut - Fresh & Frozen - Fillets & Premium Portions.
Oct 20th - Shrimp Sale! Save 20% on all our delicious Shrimp & Prawns!
Sep 30th - New Overstock Specials! Save 50% on popular seafoods!
Sep 13th - Super Sale! Save 50% on Yukon Coho & Keta Salmon.
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