Wild Alaskan Salmon

Treat yourself to regional specialty salmon such as fish from the Copper River or Yukon, or stock-up on a variety and feed your family with pure, heart-smart, wild-caught fish from Alaska's clean, icy waters.

We also offer a delicious selection of Smoked Alaskan Salmon.

Copper River Sockeye Salmon Fillets (Frozen)

It can be argued that Alaska's Copper River sockeye are the finest sockeye salmon in the world. These excellent fish have a rich flavor, deep ruby-red color, and robust flavor.  Copper River Sockeye have a higher-than-average oil content due to the swift, cold waters of this mighty river.

Experience the bold flavor that is prized by salmon connoisseurs.  Order your Copper River sockeye today!


Copper River Sockeye Fillet (Frozen)
$27.95 lb.

▪ High in healthy Omega-3 oils.
▪ 1/2 to 1 lb. boneless fillet portions.
▪ Flash-frozen & vacuum-sealed.
▪ Bold, rich flavor!


Yukon River Fall
Chum Salmon

Yukon "Fall" Silverbrite, or Chum salmon have a fat content in the 16-22% range- making them the 2nd richest salmon in North America (even richer than the Copper River Kings, which usually test-out at around 14-16%).  The reason these fish have such a high fat content is that the majority swim all the way up the Yukon River- over 2,300 miles.

They are second in richness only to the legendary and are packed full of "heart smart" Omega3 oils.


Yukon Fall Chum Salmon Fillet
$21.95 lb.

▪ Vibrant with flavor!
Rich in healthy oil content.
▪ 1/2 to 1 lb. boneless fillet portions.
▪ Flash-frozen & vacuum-sealed.


Wild Alaska Coho Salmon Fillet (Frozen)

These delicious Coho salmon fillets are known for being lean and mild-flavored with a delicate textured meat that flakes to the touch of a fork.

Because of their lower cost they are great for the needs of large groups or neighborhood backyard barbecues.

Stock your freezer with this delicious & healthful wild, Alaskan salmon!


Alaska Coho Salmon Fillet
 $19.95 lb.

▪ Lean boneless fillets.
▪ 1/2 to 1 lb. boneless fillet portions.
▪ Flash-frozen & vacuum-sealed.


King Salmon Meat

Our premium king salmon meat is rich in flavor and healthy Omega-3 oils.

Boneless and skinless, this bright orange meat is from wild Alaska king salmon.

So fire up the barbecue and serve some exciting wild king salmon burgers that your guests will rave about, or stuff your favorite baked potato with a rich and delicious delicacy. The incredible flavor of wild king samon is sure to be enjoyed!


King Salmon Meat
$23.95 lb.

▪ Pure boneless king salmon meat.
▪ High in healthy salmon oil content.
▪ Convenient 1 lb. packages.
▪ Flash-frozen & vacuum-sealed.


Alaskan Smoked Salmon Sampler:
The Perfect Party Pack

Smoked Salmon Chowder

Smokey, smooth, and creamy; this Chowder will soothe your soul.

Packed full of our finest Alaskan smoked salmon and seasoned to perfection, you’ll be hooked after just one bite!

Stock up on this family favorite.  Easy to prepare- simply heat and serve.  Perfect as a starter, but hearty enough for a complete meal!

Smoked Salmon Chowder
$14.95  pint

▪ Full of hearty smoked salmon!
▪ Individual frozen pints.
▪ Just reheat and serve.


Yukon River Coho Salmon Fillet (Frozen)

These delicious Coho salmon fillets from the mighty Yukon River that are known for having up to three times greater oil content than average Alaskan coho salmon.

Our boneless fillet portions are convenient to use, are versatile in the kitchen and taste superb!


Yukon Coho Salmon Fillet
$25.95 lb.

▪ Great for baking or grilling.
Rich in healthy oil content.
▪ 1/2 to 1 lb. boneless fillet portions.
▪ Flash-frozen & vacuum-sealed.



Smoked Alaskan Salmon
Shop our selection.

White (Ivory) King Salmon

If you like King Salmon, you’ll love our White King Salmon fillets.  These rare ivory-colored fillets are perfect for gourmet entrees and special occasions.

White King Salmon are even more mild flavored than their red meat counterparts.  Comparable in richness, these decadent fillets are a true treat. 

An “Ivory King” dinner is a great way to impress your guests with an unique delicacy from the pure waters of Alaska.

These rare salmon sell quickly.  Try some today!

White King Salmon Fillet
$29.95 lb.

▪ A rich and RARE treat!.
Ultra-rich in healthy oil content.
▪ 1/2 to 1 lb. boneless fillet portions.
▪ Flash-frozen & vacuum-sealed.


Salmon Croquettes

Made with Alaskan salmon, finely chopped vegetables, and a perfect blend of spices, these quick and easy morsels will delight your family.

Dredged in a zesty buttermilk batter and coated with a special blend of bread crumbs, these award-winning hearty portions will impress.

Perfect for meals and snacks; cook from frozen, add your favorite sauce, and Voila!- satisfaction.

Allergen Info: Contains Fish, Eggs, Wheat, and Milk.

2- pack
Try It!


6- pack
The Perfect Entree!


Salmon Croquettes
 3 oz. portions

12- pack
Feed the Crew!


White Truffle Butter

One taste... will win you over to this delectable bit of culinary heaven. White truffle butter is rich and creamy with an abundance of fragrant and delicious truffles.

White truffle pieces are blended into the butter, with natural truffle juice, then chilled. It is made in small quantities, for a consistently fresh product.

This butter is superb with white fish and crab or other shellfish.  Stunningly-good with pasta or mashed potatoes.


Ingredients: Premium butter, porcini mushrooms, white truffles, white truffle oil, salt, soy sauce.

White Truffle Butter 3 oz.
$14.95 ea.

▪ 3 oz resealable tub.
▪ Decadent flavor - akin to fine garlic.
▪ Excellent with crab & white fish.


Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fillet

Wild Alaskan sockeye salmon has a bright red color, and a delicious, bold flavor.

These ruby-red fillets are great for broiling or outdoor barbecues.

Caught in the pristine waters of Alaska, sockeye salmon are an Alaskan favorite!


Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fillet
$23.95 lb.

▪ Full of healthy Omega-3 oils.
▪ 1/2 to 1 lb. boneless fillet portions.
▪ Flash-frozen & vacuum-sealed.


$29 Unlimited FLAT-RATE - Overnight Delivery from Alaska*

  • Includes:  Insulated Box, Dry Ice, Insurance, and FedEx Overnight delivery.
  • Available in most major US cities.
  • *Some (typically rural) areas require Priority Flat-Rate shipping  $58
    • Hawaii FLAT-RATE shipping is $79
    • Alaska Home Delivery is available in some areas for $19.
  • No minimums. No maximums. Order what you’d like!

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