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Cod, or "codfish" as it is sometimes known, is one of the world's most popular types of whitefish - and has been a revered staple in the diets of Americans and Europeans for hundreds, if not thousands of years. In Britain, Atlantic cod has traditionally been the preferred fish for making "Fish 'n Chips". Overfishing has led to a decline in Atlantic cod stocks, but Pacific cod is sustainably-caught & widely available, and makes a great (and responsible) substitute. We sell Pacific cod, from Alaska.

Cod has pure white meat and a mild flavor. Its flaky texture absorbs sauces well, and helps to make it versatile in the kitchen.  In addition to being mild and tasty, cod is lean - and makes an excellent, healthy addition to your diet.

Note:  Black cod (also known as 'sablefish', or 'butterfish') is not a member of the true cod family. This rich & delicious fish is also a great, sustainable choice, and is available here.

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  1. Alaska Cod Fillet

    Alaska Cod Fillet

    • Mild-flavored and versatile.
    • Boneless & skinless.
    • Great for fish 'n chips!

    Alaska cod (also known as 'true cod', or 'Pacific cod') has succulent, firm meat with distinctive large flakes and a... MORE INFO

    $16.59 lb

  2. Alaska Lingcod Fillet

    Alaska Lingcod Fillet

    • Excellent for fish 'n chips!
    • Large snowy-white meat flakes.
    • A great alternative to Halibut.

    Lingcod is a mild-tasting, tender fish with large meat flakes that has a high fat content lending to their moist fillets. The firm, snow-white... MORE INFO

    $24.95 lb

  3. Alaskan Amber Beer-Battered Cod

    Alaskan Amber Beer-Battered Cod

    • Moist, flaky, and crunchy.
    • Real Alaskan Amber beer.
    • Great for fish & chips.

    Alaskan Amber Beer-Battered Cod portions are light, flaky, and delicious. Made with real Alaskan Amber beer and premium Alaskan Cod fillet,... MORE INFO

    $18.95 lb

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