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FishEx delivers premium, seasonal crab & salmon to restaurants & seafood markets throughout the United States, overnight - from Alaska. Located in Anchorage, near two of the world's busiest FedEx and UPS shipping hubs, we can expedite Alaska's seafood bounty directly to your business.

Founded by a commercial crab fisherman, FishEx has been a purveyor of quality crab to discerning chefs since 1998. Fresh Alaska crab is our specialty!

Order FRESH Alaska snow crab now for your restaurant or seafood market!
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  1. 40 lb Case - FRESH Alaska Snow Crab (Opilio)

    40 lb Case - FRESH Alaska Snow Crab (Opilio)

    • 8oz+ clusters; extra-large
    • #1 grade; clean bright shell
    • Delivers: Tuesdays - Fridays

    40 lb cases | $16.90/ lb - DELIVERED (most US cities)

    If you haven't experienced FRESH snow... MORE INFO

    $676.00 case

  2. 40 lb Case - FRESH Alaska Snow Crab (Bairdi)

    40 lb Case - FRESH Alaska Snow Crab (Bairdi)

    • 12oz+ clusters; range to 1lb
    • Alaska's largest snow crab!
    • Delivers: Thursdays

    40 lb cases | $19.80/ lb - DELIVERED (most US cities)

    FRESH Bairdi (a.k.a. "Giant Alaska snow crab") is... MORE INFO

    $792.00 case

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2 Item(s)
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How it Works:
FishEx focuses on Fresh Programs for your restaurant - fresh bulk seafood, delivered consistently (as you need) throughout an entire season. We bring premium, sustainably-caught choices to you and your customers. We offer straight-forward delivered pricing*, so that you can plan your menu & manage costs.

Two Ways to Buy Wholesale:.
1) Place your order online, or call us at 888-926-3474 to place a single-shipment wholesale order. A lead-time is required, which varies by product.

2) Call us & set up a "Fresh delivery Program", and we'll work with you to customize weekly standing orders, and a delivery schedule that works for your needs.

For example: We can deliver 1 cases to you on Tuesdays, and 3 on Fridays. Simply call or email us to make adjustments. You can cancel anytime. (Lead times are still required, but as we come to understand your demand & needs, these can be minimized.)

Superior Seafood Delivered Faster:
FishEx delivers seafood overnight - from Alaska via UPS and FedEx. Our advanced insulated packaging helps keep your fresh-delivered seafood in an optimal, tight temperature-range. Compare that with competitors' products which are transported in conventional non-insulated waxed boxes!

Also, unlike brokers (who never see the product they are selling to you) - we inspect, pack, and ship everything.

Amaze and impress your guests with exceptional Alaska seafood! Offering seasonal Alaska seafood is a great way to drive business to your restaurant & provide exceptional, memorable (and profitable) specials.

Fresh Offerings:

  • Snow Crab Clusters (Opilio & Bairdi) 1/15 - 3/15
  • Copper River Sockeye Fillet 6/1 - 7/15
  • Yukon Salmon Fillet (Coho & Fall-Chum) 7/15 - 8/31
  • King Crab Clusters (Red & sometimes Blue) 8/21 - 7/15 & 10/21 - 11/15

(*Delivered pricing is available in most cities within the Continental US. Rural, and Hawaii delivery addresses require additional fees.)

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