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FishEx supplies premium, seasonal seafood to fine restaurants throughout the US. Located in Anchorage, near two of the world's busiest FedEx and UPS shipping hubs, we can expedite Alaska's seafood bounty from the dock - right through your back door. Founded by a commercial crab fisherman, FishEx has been a purveyor of quality crab to discerning chefs since 1998. Fresh Alaska crab is our specialty!

Fresh Offerings:

  • Snow Crab Clusters (Opilio & Bairdi) 1/15 - 3/15
  • Copper River Sockeye Fillet 6/1 - 7/15
  • Yukon Salmon Fillet (Coho & Fall-Chum) 7/15 - 8/31
  • King Crab Clusters (Red & sometimes Blue) 8/21 - 11/15
  • How it Works:
    FishEx focuses on Fresh Programs for your restaurant - fresh bulk seafood, delivered consistently (as you need) throughout an entire season. We work with Alaska's largest seafood processors to bring popular, delectable, and sustainably-caught choices to you and your customers. We offer straight-forward delivered pricing*, so that you can plan your menu & manage food costs without surprises.

    There are 2 ways to order.

    • Place your order online. A lead-time is required, and varies by product due to the logistics involved.
    • Call us, and we'll work with you to customize a "standing order" that works for your needs. For example: We can deliver 3 cases to you on Fridays, and 1 on Tuesdays. Simply call or email us to make adjustments. You can cancel anytime. (Lead times are still required, but as we work with you to gauge your demand & develop a regular schedule, we can minimize these.

    Payment Methods Accepted:
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal. You will earn points or miles when you provision your restaurant with fresh Alaska seafood - simply by paying with your favorite rewards card.

    Superior Seafood, Delivered Faster:
    FishEx Wholesale shaves time from the seafood distribution cycle - thereby increasing the shelf life & quality of what you offer to your customers. We don't warehouse wholesale seafood on speculation. Our customers receive seafood which was sourced specifically for them - and which is delivered via overnight service. Our advanced, insulated packaging helps keep your fresh-delivered seafood in an optimal, tight temperature-range. Compare that with competitors' products which are transported in conventional non-insulated waxed boxes!

    Also, unlike brokers (who never see the product they are selling to you) - we inspect, pack, and ship everything.

    Coming Soon... Fresh Alaska Snow Crab:
    There are 2 types of snow crab harvested each winter in Alaska. The most abundant is Opilio crab, which is known for its sweet, flavorful meat, and bright orange shells.

    Bairdi is larger, and the taste is superb. Bairdi shells are typically darker, often with caramel-colored spotting; the "darkness" of Bairdi shells varies from year-to-year. The quota for Bairdi is significantly smaller than that for Opilio, and the price for this crab is higher.

    Specifications - Fresh Opilio Snow Crab:

  • Case size: 40 lbs
  • Size: 8oz + clusters
  • Availability: Excellent; 2 or 3 available deliveries/ week (1/15 - 3/15)
  • Shells: #1 grade; consistently bright shells; excellent in-fill
  • Price: Pre-season estimate: $15 - $17/ lb, delivered
  • Specifications - Fresh Bairdi Snow Crab ("Giant Alaska Snow Crab"):

  • Case size: 40 lbs
  • Size: 12oz + clusters; size can range to > 1lb
  • Availability: Limited; expect 1 delivery/ week (1/15 - 3/15)
  • Shells: #1 - #2 grade; some "caramel" spotting; excellent in-fill
  • Price: Pre-season estimate: $19 - $20/ lb, delivered
  • Amaze and impress your guests with exceptional Alaska seafood! Offering seasonal Alaska seafood is a great way to drive business to your restaurant & provide exceptional, memorable (and profitable) specials.

    (*Delivered pricing is available in most cities within the Continental US. Rural, and Hawaii delivery addresses require additional fees.)

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