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“We just placed our first order at thanksgiving for the family. I called in the afternoon and the order arrived the following morning. I ordere captains catch. It was absolutely amazing and so fresh. Far better than any restaurant or store I have ever purchased any seafood from. Absolutely incredible! I will be coming back again and again. Thank you so much n keep up the great work. I love our pictures of our thanksgiving turkey n family around the table with the mountain of crab legs on the table. I assure you the turkey was hardly touched.”
- Kathleen Burnham

“Ordered 6 different products. Got them 16 hours ago and have only tried 3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! You get what you pay for in this world and DONT forget it!! I will never go to Red B.S.Lob.double.s.ter ever again. I am a chef and we dont get what we pay for here in michigan. It is all worth it! And easy if you do a little research! KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!!”
- Howie

“I had some of the crab legs for dinner last night and they were, as you said they would be, delicious. I look forward to eating the rest sometime in the near future. I want to thank you not only for the quality of your product, but for the personal attention you gave me as a customer. As you could probably tell, I was speechless when I answered the phone and realized who I was talking to. Again, thank you for being the type of business person who cares about the quality of his product and the satisfaction of his customers. Be assured that I will be a repeat customer.”
- Karen Tulaba

“I wish to compliment you on all things...First, my daughter sent me crab legs, halibut cheeks, and salmon for my birthday! I must tell you it is delicious! The crab legs were wonderful and the halibut cheeks are to die for! Your the best! We were on a cruise to Alaska a few years back..They served salmon. It was good, but not as wonderful as yours! And I wish to congratulate you on your web-site. It is one of the best I've been on...I appreciate your recipes and your gift box sites. Keep up the good work!!”
- Sunny Shaine

“My order just arrived, I cannot imagine how this package came from Alaska to the other side of the country to Virginia in so few hours. Everything was still frozen and the dry ice was still there. Thanks a lot, I will enjoy. Thank you again.”
- Ruth Zahnd

“I am sitting here in disbelief ... that a company would take "customer service" so seriously as to reship an entire order! You really didn't have to go to such lengths to satisfy our concerns! I am going to call Mom as soon as the package arrives (thanks to the tracking number) and find out if this package makes it there cold and fresh. I appreciate the "heavy on the dry ice" request, as it appears the UPS route leaves Mom until the end of the day. It can get warm down there and so I hope your efforts work out! One VERY satisfied (and grateful) customer.”
- Howard Mongoon

“Thank you for processing this order! I requested the shipping date of 05/25/2009, and that is exactly when you shipped it. Thank you for doing this for me! I missed the first delivery attempt in the morning, and the FedEx driver was able to return a second time in the afternoon, so I was able to unpack it and promptly place the salmon in my freezer. The fillets were all frozen solid, and the dry ice was also still solid. This order was very well packaged! I also appreciate that this order was as carefully packed as the order that I received last year. Thank you for continuing to provide consistently excellent service. I look forward to enjoying the salmon this year, and I thank you again for your careful attention to packing and shipping this order. It is a delight to order from a company that attends to the details. I am very satisfied with this order.”
- Tim Price

“The best ever!!! We celebrated and shared our purchase with my sister and her husband for her birthday, what a wonderful meal we loved grilling the Copper river king salmon and steamed the King crab legs, definitely will order again. Had a problem with FedEx leaving package at my door but your customer service was excellent in making it right. Will definitely order again, and have shared your website with family and friends. Thanks for your help, and making a special birthday ,memory for my sister.”
- Mellodee Davenport

“As promised, we did it again! This time we ordered double the amount! Well, not only was our New Year welcomed in with HIGH style, we saved half for our Valentines Day celebration. What a treat... such succulent, delicious crab meat ... We cannot say enough about Fabulous Crab Legs & Crab Cakes. Again, at the off chance of sounding repetitious... we will again return to order more and this time, we thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”
- Jolie Chabot of Homewood, IL

“No problem whatsoever!!!!! Just received our order and it was frozen solid and in great condition. We are always so happy when we order crab legs from Fisherman's Express. Thanks for having such great seafood for us to enjoy!!!! We really do appreciate it. We can hardly wait to have some of it!!!! Keep up the great work!!! Will always order from your company!!! You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
- Betsy Saunders

“My wife live in an area where seafood and most fish come packaged frozen and covered in frost. But, we recently recently received a much welcomed gift from a friend, a package of crab, halibut and salmon from your company. We devoured the sweetest, meatiest crab we have ever had. The Halibut was so fresh tasting we could have passed it off as a fresh catch that day. We have been burned on salmon lately, overcooked, old, whatever, but the wild coho has changed my mind about salmon. Now spoiled, I will have to cook yours from now on. Our friend, who does not eat fish or seafood, has turned us inland dwellers once again to some really good seafood. Thank you.”
- David Melmer

“I've lived in Alaska since I was 6, and when my parents retired to the East Coast when I turned 18, they thing they missed the most was the FRESH Alaskan Seafood! Every year since, I send my Dad a smoked salmon gift basket, and my Mom a King Crab basket, they want nothing else! One year, I tried to send actual gifts and they were disappointed! Fish EX is the best value, taste and shipping! (Believe me, I have spent hours scouring the other seafood websites!) It makes my holiday shopping simple and very successful every year!”
- Marissa Baker

“I have now twice ordered products from Fish Ex and have been extremely pleased with the timely delivery and product quality. The halibut has been so good that it reminded us of our honeymoon in Alaska. I cook it on the grill adding soaked alder chips to give it a nice smokey flavor or grill it plain. I have also ordered crab cakes and smoked salmon, both were delicious. I will continue to order from Fish Ex. Hopefully the 3 pounds of halibut will keep us until next season.”
- Mike

“I can't believe that we placed our order yesterday and recieved it today...we live in Texas!! I'm from Vancouver Island and have lived here in Texas for 8 years and MISS fresh seafood so much.The Halibut we ordered was absolutely delicious!! Honestly, I would swear it was fresh caught that day!! The only complaint I have is I wish we had ordered more!!!”
- Wanda Franse

“Thank you for the excellent package. When I arrived home from work last night, the Special was waiting for me. I cooked my wife an excellent seafood dinner for Valentines day. I had to go to the local grocery store and get some King Crab for my two son's, or would have been in deep trouble with the wife. So, I was able to compare your King Crab with the best I can get locally. There was no comparison. Yours was sweet, succulent, firm, and had awesome flavor. The the local grocery store's was way too salty and mushy. We are spoiled. The scallops were just stunning. The crab dip was a very nice way to start the meal. So keep up the good work, I am looking forward to ordering more from you. The old adage is true, you get what you pay for.”
- Les

“I just want you to know that we did indeed enjoy the crab – it was some of the best we’ve ever eaten! I must say that your customer service and concern over my little Fed Ex issue was exemplary – in all my years of dealing with businesses I can honestly say, I don’t think I’ve been cared for so well! I feel like you’re my best friends! I was quite upset and you turned me around to respect and admire your business practices – not an easy accomplishment. I will indeed order from you again and will recommend you to all my friends. Thanks so much for your hard work, concern and delicious crab!”
- Teena

“Greetings and many thanks for the wonderful order we received July 1st and wolfed down during the 4th of July Holiday. We can't thank you enough for the fantastic king crab legs and the gift pack of samples. It was such a hit to our family as well as our friends. On July 2nd, we celebrated with a seafood fest!!!! Well, I must tell you, we have never tasted shellfish like the Captain Reserve Alaskan King Crab. It was unbelievably delicious. The salmon was something I have never seen before and we could still smell the ocean. The scallops were a great hit. EVERYTHING WAS FANTASTIC!!!!! We enjoyed all of it. Again, thank you for your sensational products as well as great service. We received our order promptly as promised. We hope to remain customers whenever we can. We have also recommended you to many of our friends.”
- Geri and Phillip Landry - Pennsylvania

“I can't say enough about Fish Ex's dedication to customer service! An order I placed arrived partially thawed (please know the problem was with Fed Ex--NOT Fish Ex), but Fish Ex never hesitated to replace it. It's rare to find a company that is so willing and eager to ensure their customers are satisfied with their purchase. Plus, the salmon, haddock, and crab dip I ordered all got rave reviews! I'd order from them again in a heartbeat.”
- Lisa in Virginia

“Just wanted to let you guys and I’m sure girls out there in Alaska your product is awesome! I’ve ordered a couple king crab deliveries from ya and the I can’t say enough, plus, the salmon info that just came in speaks volumes. Not only are you proud of what you sell, but saying hold off until the demand ebbs and get a better price for the same product says you guys aren’t out to screw the customer…jeez if there were only more of you out there. I’ll be ordering salmon in late May and get some of that king salmon in June as well…mark my word.”
- Jim G in Rhode Island

“You have one of the best and freshest seafood around! I really enjoy your products and tell all of my friends about your web site! Thanks again for making all my special meals taste like it was just caught.”
- Jeff Miller

“What do you buy a father that has everything? FISH! I have used FishEx twice now. I've ordered my father a wide assortment of items,from the soups to crab cakes to scallops. HE LOVED all of them. Very Fresh. Now I need to order some for myself. :)”
- Judy

“I would like to tell you the seafood I purchased for my seafood feast on New Year's Eve was excellent. Everyone enjoyed the meal. This was the best tasting seafood that I ever prepared for our annual feast. To my surprise the fish cheeks they were excellent. The crab cakes went over very well, also. The best reaction was with the jumbo crab legs they were also excellent. Thanks again!”
- Sandy Popp

“I have ordered several times from you now. Your shipping to my Nevada home is fast, always on time, and of equal importance, your Salmon, Halibut is the best I have had in my life. Living in Nevada it is rare to even see fish, yet alone, fresh good fish. I am the party of the block when I have friends over for your fresh seafood to BBQ. Your seafood literally melts in ones mouth with pure succulence. I will always order from you. !!! Great service.”
- Debbie

“We placed an order last week for king crab, scallops, and salmon treats for our Newfoundland dog. Customer service at Fish Ex was outstanding. The crab and scallops were incredible and totally unlike any seafood we have ever been able to purchase in the Midwest. I will never again buy frozen fish from the grocery store. I am now officially crab delirious! Thank you Fish Ex for the great service and wonderful seafood.”
- Carmela Chiafos

“I just recieved and cooked a meal of Yukon King Salmon, your Crab Bisque and Cakes. Everything was simply outstanding, from the ordering on your site to the eating. I will be ordering from you on a regular basis.”
- Matthew Hurt

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