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Cold-Water Shrimp

Cold water shrimp have a sweet, pure flavor. The majority of cold water shrimp available for sale are wild-caught. Although cold water shrimp typically do not grow as large as farmed warm water varieties, what they lack in size - they more than compensate for in flavor. Cold water shrimp are naturally clean, and require no de-veining - making them convenient to cook with.

Cold water shrimp such as spot prawns or Chilean red shrimp can be used in a wide range of dishes - although we recommend simple recipes and preparations, which allow the clean, sweet flavor of these cold water delicacies to stand out.

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  1. Alaska extra-large Spot shrimp on noodles

    Alaska Extra-Large Spot Shrimp

    • Big, sweet, and delicious!
    • Convenient 1 kg (2.2 lb) boxes.
    • Count: 16 to 20 per lb.

    Renowned for for their pure, sweet flavor, Alaska spot shrimp are unlike any other shrimp. These jumbo prawns are a favorite of... MORE INFO

    $99.95 box

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