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  1. Captain's Reserve King Crab Gift Box

    Captain's Reserve King Crab Gift Box (5 lbs)

    • Extra large premium quality crab legs
    • A feast for 3 to 4 people.
    • 2018 New Season's Catch!

    Make an impression by giving the biggest & best king crab! These mouthwatering, giant red king crab legs are... MORE INFO

    $299.00 SALE: $254.15

  2. Captain's Reserve King Crab Gift Box

    Captain's Reserve King Crab Gift Box (3 lbs)

    • Alaska's largest king crab!
    • An extravagant feast for two
    • 2018 New Season's Catch!

    Ever wonder what the captain takes home at the end of a fishing trip? The biggest & best, of... MORE INFO

    $194.00 SALE: $164.90

  3. Giant Alaska Snow Crab (Bairdi) Feast for 2-3 people

    Giant Alaska Snow Crab (Bairdi) Feast for 2-3 people

    • Flavorful, jumbo-sized snow crab.
    • Crab legs, dip, crab cakes, & truffle butter!
    • Makes the sweetest gift!

    A gift that they will remember! This box comes loaded with 5 pounds of our biggest and best snow crab, sublime white... MORE INFO

    $137.00 SALE: $116.45

  4. Alaska red king crab legs in bowl of ice

    Sweet-Petite Alaska Red King Crab

    • Petite and delectable.
    • Smaller legs great for large parties.
    • Limited quantity - Get yours today.

    From the pure waters of Norton Sound, Alaska; our sweet red king crab legs are flown into Anchorage... MORE INFO

    $37.95 SALE: $30.36 lb

  5. Wild Alaska king salmon meat

    Pure (BONELESS) Wild King Salmon Meat

    • Convenient 1 lb. packages.
    • High in Omega-3 long-chain fatty acids.
    • 100% pure Alaska King Salmon meat.

    This thick, delicious king salmon burger meat can be turned into meaty, rich-tasting burgers that sizzle with flavor on your grill! The best... MORE INFO

    $26.95 SALE: $13.50 lb

  6. Large Alaska Spot shrimp

    Alaska Large Spot Shrimp

    • Exceptional pure & sweet flavor.
    • 20-30 per pound.
    • Boxes average 2 lbs each.

    Famous for their sweet flavor, spot prawns (also know as 'spot shrimp') have a pure, almost 'sugary' flavor that connoisseurs... MORE INFO

    $36.95 SALE: $32.95 lb

  7. Sockeye salmon burger

    Sockeye Salmon Burger Meat

    • Beautiful, ruby-red meat.
    • Versatile; great in salads, pastas, and more!
    • A healthy alternative to hamburgers.

    Made from premium, wild Alaskan sockeye salmon! No added spices or seasonings to distract from the pure,... MORE INFO

    $17.95 SALE: $8.95 lb

  8. Copper River sockeye salmon fillet portions

    Copper River Sockeye Salmon - Premium Portions

    • On SALE - Holiday special!
    • Premium fillet cuts only (no tails).
    • Robust flavor; high in Omega-3s.

    It can be argued that Alaska's Copper River sockeye are the finest sockeye salmon in the world. These excellent wild fish have a rich and robust... MORE INFO

    $37.95 SALE: $29.95 lb

  9. Smoked Yukon salmon fillet portion

    Old World Style Smoked Yukon Salmon Portions (4 oz pkg)

    • Holiday special price!
    • Rich, smoky flavor.
    • Fully-cooked; ready-to-eat.

    This rich & delicious smoked wild Yukon salmon makes a wonderful treat. These Native Alaska-caught, hand-cut keta salmon... MORE INFO

    $12.95 SALE: $8.95 pkg

  10. Prepared halibut tail portion

    Alaska Halibut Tail Portions

    • Fish Tail Sale! Save 25%
    • Mild & versatile.
    • A favorite among fish connoisseurs.

    Alaska Halibut tail portions offer both a great value and a great way of stocking your freezer with delicious, mild-flavored halibut. They’re... MORE INFO

    $26.95 SALE: $20.21 lb

  11. Copper River king salmon tail portion

    Copper River King Salmon Tail Portions

    • Fish Tail Sale! Save 25%
    • Alaska's legendary king salmon
    • Great value and great taste!

    As many people know, Copper River king salmon tops all other salmon when it comes to health benefits, ease of cooking, and... MORE INFO

    $54.95 SALE: $41.21 lb

  12. Wild Alaska sockeye salmon tail portion with lemons on top

    Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon Tail Portions

    • Fish Tail Sale! Save 25%
    • Perfect for weekend grilling
    • New season's catch!

    These firm, ruby-red tail portions are the ultimate in taste and savings for those looking to try wild Alaska sockeye salmon.... MORE INFO

    $19.95 SALE: $14.96 lb

  13. Yukon River coho salmon tail portion

    Yukon River Coho Salmon Tail Portions

    • Rich in heart-healthy Omega-3s.
    • Alaska’s finest coho salmon!
    • Fish Tail Sale! Save 25%

    Stock your freezer with Yukon River coho salmon! Yukon River coho salmon have the highest oil content of all... MORE INFO

    $18.95 SALE: $14.21 lb

13 Item(s)

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13 Item(s)
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