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The term "fresh seafood" quite simply refers to seafood that has never been frozen- although the term is frequently misused.

Often, when people talk about "fresh seafood" - what they really mean is "quality seafood". The terms are not exactly interchangeable. The seafood industry has propogated this confusion - with seafood marketers having introduced terms such as "fresh-frozen seafood" (meaning seafood that used to be fresh and is now frozen) and "re-freshed seafood" (meaning seafood that is no longer frozen).  Notice how both terms imply quality - and well, freshness?

Fresh (never-frozen) seafood is desireable because of its superior qualities. It is 'the pinnacle' of what nature produces. Fresh seafood is in almost all cases more tender, more succulent, richer, and has a better flavor than its frozen counterparts.

Confused?  Don't be; just know:

  1. Fresh seafood is the best. Enjoy it when it's available!
  2. Frozen seafood can be great, too. It's always a good idea to get it from a purveyor that you trust.

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  1. FRESH Alaska Halibut Fillet - Premium Portions

    FRESH Alaska Halibut Fillet - Premium Portions

    • Skinless & Boneless.
    • Forward, premium fillet cuts only.
    • First expected delivery date is 3/30.

    By popular demand, we bring to you Fresh Alaska Halibut Fillet - Premium Portions. These portions are cut from the thickest part of the fillet,... MORE INFO

    $46.95 SALE: $37.56 lb

  2. FRESH Alaska Cod Fillet

    FRESH Alaska Cod Fillet

    • Pure, mild flavor.
    • Skinless & boneless.
    • Excellent for Fish 'n' Chips!

    Alaska cod is renowned for its mild flavor and firm yet flaky meat. This... MORE INFO

    $18.95 SALE: $16.11 lb

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