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scallop meat inside an Alaska weathervane scallop shellAlaska scallops are known for their sweet flavor and for their high quality. All Alaskan scallops are dry (meaning, processed naturally- without any phosphates).

Alaska's commercial scallop fishery began in the 1960s, and targeted giant Pacific ('weathervane') scallops in the waters surrounding Kodiak Island. Kodiak scallops quickly developed a reputation for their jumbo-size and sweet-flavored meat. To this day, Kodiak jumbo scallops are sometimes referred to as "the hockey pucks" by local Alaskans. (In fairness:   regulation hockey pucks measure 3" in diameter, and as of this writing, our last batch of Captain's Reserve Jumbo Alaskan Scallops ranged from 1.75" to 2.5" in diameter. Yes- we actually checked.)

In Alaska, scallops are fished by dredging - where a steel frame around 12' wide, and enclosed with links of chain and webbing, is towed by the scallop fishing boat through the scallop beds. Alaskan scallop fisheries are sustainably managed by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, with oversight from the National Marine Fisheries Service.

The largest scallop fishery in Alaska takes place from the outer coast of Cape Spencer (just south of Yakutat), to the Aleutian Islands - a range of over 1,200 miles!. Crews on Alaska scallop boats can be as large as 11 members, who run up to two dredges while shucking, washing, and bagging scallops 'round-the-clock.

Alaska's scallop season runs July to November. July is the best time to order fresh Alaskan scallops. Alaska scallops are available frozen in 'jumbo', 'large', 'medium', and 'small' sizes, although jumbos typically sell-out quickly.

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Other Types of Alaska Scallops

There are several different types of scallops in the waters surrounding Alaska. These include:  Weathervane scallops (the largest), spiny pink scallops, white scallops, arctic pink scallops, Pacific pink scallops, purple-hinged rock scallops, and Alaska glass scallops.

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