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  1. Yukon Silver Salmon Fillet Portions

    Yukon Silver Salmon Fillet Portions

    • Delicious wild Alaska salmon
    • Rich in heart-healthy Omega-3 oils
    • Comparable to Copper River salmon

    Hailing from the famous Klondike headwaters of the mighty Yukon River, this delectable silver salmon fillet is available in flash-frozen,... MORE INFO

    $19.95 lb

  2. Yukon River coho salmon tail portion

    Yukon River Coho Salmon Tail Portions

    • Rich in heart-healthy Omega-3s.
    • Alaska’s finest coho salmon!
    • Fish Tail Sale! Save 25%

    Stock your freezer with Yukon River coho salmon! Yukon River coho salmon have the highest oil content of all... MORE INFO

    $18.95 SALE: $14.21 lb

  3. Smoked Yukon salmon fillet portion

    Old World Style Smoked Yukon Salmon Portions (4 oz pkg)

    • Holiday special price!
    • Rich, smoky flavor.
    • Fully-cooked; ready-to-eat.

    This rich & delicious smoked wild Yukon salmon makes a wonderful treat. These Native Alaska-caught, hand-cut keta salmon... MORE INFO

    $12.95 SALE: $8.95 pkg

  4. Garlic pepper smoked Yukon salmon portion

    Garlic Pepper Smoked Yukon Salmon Portions (4 oz pkg)

    • Perfect for creating upscale appetizers.
    • Moist & very flavorful.
    • Convenient 4 oz packages.

    Made with wild Yukon Keta salmon and all-natural ingredients such as organic brown sugar, garlic, and black pepper, our Garlic Pepper Smoked... MORE INFO

    $12.95 pkg

  5. Yukon River king salmon fillet portion

    FRESH Yukon King Salmon Fillet

    • Rich, highly-marbled fillets.
    • King salmon from the legendary Yukon River
    • Very limited availability.

    Yukon River kings are the richest salmon in the world, and fresh Yukon king is the best you can get! Due to limited stocks and... MORE INFO

    $99.95 lb

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  6. Yukon River sockeye salmon fillet portions

    Yukon River Sockeye Salmon Premium Portions

    • Rich robust salmon flavor!
    • Forward, premium fillet cuts only.
    • Beautiful ruby-red portions.

    These hand-cut fillets are perfectly portioned and ideal for creating beautiful dinner presentations. Loaded with heart-smart Omega-3s, they're... MORE INFO

    $34.95 lb

6 Item(s)

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6 Item(s)
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