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About FishEx

Welcome to FishEx! We are your premier seafood connection, specializing in quality Alaska crab, seasonal fresh crab, and other fine seafoods. We ship overnight from Alaska right to your door, via FedEx.

FishEx delivers premium wholesale Alaska seafood to restaurants and seafood markets throughout the US.

Our founder, Cade Smith started his journey into the seafood business working as a Bering Sea crab fisherman. Seeing the tremendous potential of making Alaska's rich seafood resources available to individual consumers, Cade founded the company in 1998. FishEx began as "Fisherman's Express", in the small town of Chickaloon, Alaska.

Now based and centrally located in Anchorage, Alaska, FishEx sources fresh seafood from around the state and from reputable fish mongers located among the United States’ coasts. Anchorage is home to one of the largest FedEx hubs in the world, which allows us to ship to your door.

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Our company's mission is to be the world's best web-based seafood company in the world. We focus on quality, customer service, and making the world’s finest seafood available to you!

Monday - Friday 7AM to 3PM

Toll-free: (888) 926-3474


4611 Gambell Street
Anchorage, AK 99503

From the entire FishEx team - Thank you and enjoy our fish!

Cade Smith
FishEx Founder/ CEO

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