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A deliciuos alternative to halibut at a lesser cost! The firm, snow-white flesh is delicious in fish and chips, and is quite popular along the West Coast. It is also good baked with a topping such as a sun-dried tomato sauce. Ling Cod can also be grilled with excellent results. In the kitchen, lingcod are a very versatile fish, with a beautiful white, flaky flesh. In the Pacific Northwest, lingcod is the favorite fish to fry in the best fish n’ chip restaurants.

Wild-caught lingcod is a smart seafood choice because it is sustainably managed and responsibly harvested under U.S.regulations.

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  1. Alaska Lingcod Fillet

    Alaska Lingcod Fillet

    • Excellent for fish 'n chips!
    • Large snowy-white meat flakes.
    • A great alternative to Halibut.

    Lingcod is a mild-tasting, tender fish with large meat flakes that has a high fat content lending to their moist fillets. The firm, snow-white... MORE INFO

    $24.95 lb

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