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Fresh Halibut

Fresh halibut is an enormously popular seafood, and has been called "America's favorite whitefish". It is lean, mild in flavor, and cooks-up a pure snowy-white in color. Fresh halibut has a more delicate, succulent texture than its frozen counterpart, and is commonly found on the menus in white tablecloth restaurants. It is versatile & easy to prepare.

Pacific halibut is harvested as far south as California, but Alaska produces the majority of the world's supply.   Fresh halibut from Alaska is available March - November. Knowledgeable seafood buyers prefer fish from Alaska, because the cold, pure waters produce a fresh fish with superior texture and color.

High quality fresh halibut is somewhat translucent, and has a scent that can described as a cross between and ocean breeze and- well, halibut. You'll love the distinctive, but mild flavor of fresh halibut!

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  1. Fresh Alaska halibut fillet portions

    FRESH Alaska Halibut Fillet - Premium Portions

    • First available delivery date is 4/7/20.
    • Forward-cut, premium fillet only.
    • Delivered fresh, never frozen!

    FishEx is pleased to offer you premium, fresh Alaska halibut portions. These portions are cut from the thickest part of the... MORE INFO

    $44.95 lb

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