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Fresh Crab Legs

We offer seasonally available fresh crab legs - shipped directly to your home or business. Fresh crab legs have a rich, sweet flavor and the meat has a soft, delicate texture. In fact, fresh crab is so rich in flavor, that many people prefer to enjoy it straight - without any sort of dipping butter.

Fresh crab legs should be enjoyed soon as possible after being delivered. However, if you need to store them, you can do so by placing in a shallow pan, on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator. Cover the legs with a bag of ice.

Several crab seasons take place throughout the year. FishEx specializes in fresh crab legs - and we source a variety of regions. During the summer, fresh Norton Sound red king crab legs are available. These are relativley petite-sized legs by king crab standards- but they are exceptionally tasty! The largest fresh crab legs that we offer are the giant Captain's Reserve - from Alaska's famed Bristol Bay season. (This generally takes place between mid-October and mid-December.)

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