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Crab Clusters (Half-Crab Sections)

Crab clusters are popular for serving at crab dinners because they are attractive. Frozen crab clusters also tend to maintain quality in the freezer better than individual legs do. The shell of the shoulder helps to protect the delicate crab meat from damage by the dry freezer air.

The white cluster or "shoulder" section comes from underneath the main body shell (or 'carapace') of the crab. When crab are processed, they are broken in half, and the result is... 2 crab clusters.

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  1. Dungeness Crab Clusters (Alaskan)

    Dungeness Crab Clusters (Alaskan)

    • A west coast favorite!
    • Alaska-sized Dungeness.
    • Avg. 1/3 to 1/2 lb per cluster

    Enjoy some of the largest Dungeness available you can now get all that sweet, meat from our cold, pristine... MORE INFO

    $26.95 lb

  2. Limited Reserve Giant Snow Crab (Bairdi)

    Limited Reserve Giant Snow Crab (Bairdi)

    • Giant "Bairdi" snow crab.
    • Individual legs & claws (not clusters).
    • 2017 New Season's Catch!

    This is absolutely huge Alaska snow crab! Limited Reserve is the biggest & best that you... MORE INFO

    $38.95 lb

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