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Broken Crab Legs (Save $$)

Due to the price, our broken crab frequently runs out-of-stock. If you sign up for the 'Back in Stock' email notifications, we will let you know when the items become available again.

We try not to break them- but well, sometimes they just break. Our clumsiness is your gain!

Broken crab legs taste the same as unbroken crab legs - and are actually easier to fit into a pot. Our broken crab legs consist primarily of tips, 'middle joints', knuckles, claws, claw arms, and may even contain some merus pieces. They are an inexpensive yet extravagant alternative to spending big bucks on dinner. Broken crab legs make a nice ingredient for seafood recipes - or they can be shucked for crab meat.

Save BIG on our premium, quality crab legs -  but in smaller pieces. After all... you were going to break them anyway - weren't you?

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4 Item(s)
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  1. Broken king crab legs & claws

    Broken King Crab (Leg & Claw Pieces)

    • Broken leg, claw, & shoulder pieces
    • Terrific crab - economical price.
    • You were going to break it anyway!

    Enjoy delicious king crab at a bargain price! Our broken pieces of king crab offer a great solution. Broken king crab is... MORE INFO

    $34.95 lb

  2. Broken Alaska snow crab legs

    Broken Snow Crab (Leg & Claw Pieces)

    • Giant Alaska snow crab (Bairdi).
    • Partially broken; easier to shuck!
    • A terrific value.

    FishEx presents Alaska snow-crab tips, knuckles (shoulders), and claws at a great price! Our broken snow crab is a... MORE INFO

    $22.95 lb

  3. Broken Dungeness Crab Legs & Claws

    Broken Dungeness Crab (Leg & Claw Pieces)

    • Popular & flavorful crab.
    • Excellent for making crab recipes.
    • A terrific value!

    Broken dungeness crab is a delicious combination of separated legs, claws and broken leg pieces, full of tasty crab meat. Our... MORE INFO

    $23.95 lb

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  4. D'Artagnan White Truffle Butter, 3 oz

    D'Artagnan White Truffle Butter, 3 oz

    • Contains European white truffles.
    • Makes the best crab even better!
    • Pairs w/ crab and other shellfish.

    Rich and creamy, with an abundance of fragrant and delicious European white truffles, our white truffle butter... MORE INFO

    $14.95 tub

4 Item(s)

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4 Item(s)
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