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Throughout the Pacific NW and beyond, Dungeness crab is prized by crab connoisseurs for its delicate, flavorful meat. The scrumptious meat has a distinctive, slightly-sweet taste, and can be recognized by its ivory-white color and purple-red highlights.

Choose from our wide selection of convenient cooked & frozen clusters (no cleaning required), delicious Dungeness crab claws, and pre-shucked Dungeness meat. A whole-cooked Dungeness crab makes a fun, delicious, and satisfying meal! Dungeness crab feeds are generally informal, and often involve newspaper & crab mallets.

Fresh or live Dungeness crab is delivered seasonally - and is periodically available. Be sure you are signed-up for our emailer, so that you don't miss-out on a fresh delivery.

Fact:  Dungeness crab is the state crustacean of Oregon.

Order this Pacific NW favorite today - and experience a fun & delicous crab feast with your family!

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  1. Dungeness Crab Clusters (Alaskan)

    Dungeness Crab Clusters (Alaskan)

    • A west coast favorite!
    • Alaska-sized Dungeness.
    • Avg. 1/3 to 1/2 lb per cluster

    Enjoy some of the largest Dungeness available you can now get all that sweet, meat from our cold, pristine... MORE INFO

    $26.95 lb

  2. Broken Dungeness Crab (Leg & Claw Pieces)

    Broken Dungeness Crab (Leg & Claw Pieces)

    • Popular, flavorful crab.
    • Excellent for making gumbo.
    • A great value!

    Our broken dungeness crab is a delicious combination of separated legs, claws and broken leg pieces all filled with that tasty dungeness crab... MORE INFO

    $17.49 lb

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