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Pribilof King Crab (Alaska)

map of the Pribilof Islands and the Aleutian Peninsula

The Pribilof Island fishing district, in the waters that surround Saint Paul and Saint George islands, is home to the largest red & blue king crab in Alaska. These enormous king crab, when they were last commercially harvested in 1998, weighed upwards of 18 pounds each! Due to low blue king crab stocks, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game has kept this district closed since 1999 - to allow the crab populations to strengthen.

Cade Smith, the Founder of FishEx was in Dutch Harbor in '98, and saw Pribilof king crab being offloaded from a crab boat, and observed:  "Those crabs were absolutely huge! Leg-tip to leg-tip, they were easily as large as my arm span." (He's 6'4", and has long arms.)

FishEx sold Pribilof Island red and blue king crab that year. In Cade's words "The legs were just massive. In every box that we'd open - they were laid in there like big billy clubs. Many of the claws weighed 2 pounds or more."

One of these years... the Pribilof king crab district will re-open, and we expect to offer some Alaskan king crab legs that are truly monumental in size. If you'd like a chance to enjoy that bounty, make sure your'e subscribed to the FishEx emailer, or that you have signed-up for one of the "back-in-stock" notifications, below. We'll let you know when it happens.

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