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Alaska Snow Crab

With its sweet, flavorful meat, Alaska snow crab is popular with connoisseurs. The delectable, snow-white meat is so flavorful that many people enjoy it sans-dipping butter. Here in Alaska, snow crab is harvested from the icy waters of the Bering Sea during winter months, when the legs of the crab are packed-full of delicious meat. Alaska's annual fishing quota for snow crab is usually much larger than that of other species - making snow crab one of the most abundant types of Alaskan crab available.

There are two types of Alaska snow crab. By far the most plentiful is opilio crab, which typically weigh about 1 pound. Bairdi crab (also known as 'Giant Snow Crab', or Tanner crab) are much larger. These impressive crab can weigh-in at 3 pounds or more.

Frozen Alaska snow crab is available year-round, and it is typically available fresh between January and early April. Alaska snow crab is sustainably-caught, and fishing is regulated by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. By law, only male crabs are retained, leaving the happy and lucky females to remain in the Bering Sea and provide more tasty crab for all of us!

Snow crab from Alaska is popular with home and professional chefs because of its flavorful meat and relatively low cost.

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  1. Giant Alaska Snow Crab (Bairdi) Legs & Claws

    Giant Alaska Snow Crab (Bairdi) Legs & Claws

    • Sweet & flavorful crab legs & claws.
    • Much larger than Opilio snow crab.
    • 2017 New Season's Catch!

    Let us introduce you to Opilio snow crab's behemoth cousin, Bairdi. This succulent crab is our most-requested snow... MORE INFO

    $29.95 lb

  2. Broken Snow Crab (Leg & Claw Pieces)

    Broken Snow Crab (Leg & Claw Pieces)

    • Partially broken; easier to shuck!
    • A terrific value.
    • A mix of Alaska snow & giant snow crab.

    FishEx presents Alaska snow-crab tips, knuckles (shoulders), and claws at a great price! Our broken snow crab is a mix... MORE INFO

    $16.75 lb

  3. FRESH Giant Alaska Snow Crab (Bairdi)

    FRESH Giant Alaska Snow Crab (Bairdi)

    • Giant snow crab; avg. 12oz clusters.
    • Arrives fresh, never-frozen.
    • Available Mid-January
    FishEx is proud to present fresh giant snow crab (Bairdi) from Southeast Alaska. These giant snow crab legs are exceptionally sweet and flavorful.... MORE INFO
    $38.95 lb

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