King Crab Fishing Videos

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King Crab Fishing Videos

Rough weather, high seas, and icy waters, these are all just part of the job fishing for King Crab in Alaska. These King Crab Fishing videos detail tales of Fortunes made and dreams becoming a reality on the open sea.

Pots of Gold - Alaska King Crab Fishing History

Here is footage of King Crab Fishing in the early days. Take a look at some of the early crabbers in the beginning of the crabbing industry and the adventures of early crab fisherman. Money was to be made and adventure to be had; all it took was hard work and dedication to secure a future in the crab fishing industry.

Pots of Gold: Part II- Alaska King Crab Fishing History

Bringing in a good harvest of king crab requires a boat that is up to the job. This video contains footage of some of the first modern crab fishing boats. Hardworking pioneers began to see the payoffs of crab fishing. With the price of king crab on the raise, millionaires start to emerge for the first time in the industry.

Pots of Gold: Part III- Alaska King Crab Fishing History.

The crab boom begins. Entrepreneurs emerge in the crabbing industry, and the first crab processing ships are constructed. The first Crab processing ships begin to emerge and descriptions of some of the early types of crab pots and crab boats that were used are detailed in this Crab Fishing Video.

Bering Sea King Crab Fishing

These videos showcase some of today's modern crab fisherman. They are working on rough seas bringing in and separating the days catch all in the name of hard work and bottom dollars. No frills, no gimmicks, no camera tricks, these are crab fisherman at their best.

Deadliest Catch - Waves

Giant rouge waves bashing boats out in the frigid waters of the Bering Sea. Watch crew members being sloshed back and forth on the decks of crab boats. Life out on the open water can be rough. This crab fishing video shows crab fisherman working hard battling elements to make a living in the crabbing industry.

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