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  1. Petite Swordfish Steaks (Sashimi-Grade)

    Petite Swordfish Steaks (Sashimi-Grade)

    • Rich, savory flavor.
    • Sashimi-grade, premium quality.
    • 4 oz portions.

    Always dreamt of making your own sushi at home, but having trouble finding sashimi-grade seafood? Look no further!... MORE INFO

    $18.95 lb

  2. Swordfish Steaks (Sashimi-Grade)

    Swordfish Steaks (Sashimi-Grade)

    • Pure and delicious!
    • Premium quality, sashimi-grade.
    • 8 oz portions.

    Consider Sashimi-Grade due to a special freezing technique that our friends over at Trident have mastered, these meaty, 8 ounce swordfish steaks... MORE INFO

    $28.95 lb

  3. Kabob-Ready Swordfish Chunks

    Kabob-Ready Swordfish Chunks

    • Fun to cook and serve!
    • Pre-portioned; convenient.
    • Hearty, 1 oz chunks.

    Most people compare the flavor profile of a swordfish to the likes of a hybrid between tuna and shark. Our Kabob-Ready Swordfish Chunks are... MORE INFO

    $16.95 SALE: $8.48 lb

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