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  1. Chilean Red Shrimp

    Chilean Red Shrimp

    • Beautiful red color.
    • Firm and delicious.
    • Great for entertaining.

    These firm and tasty cold water Chilean Red Shrimp are a ideal choice for your next exciting seafood dinner. You'll find these shrimp to be... MORE INFO

    $21.95 lb

  2. Alaska Medium Spot Shrimp

    Alaska Medium Spot Shrimp

    • Caught in Alaska's clean icy waters.
    • Pure, sweet flavor.
    • 30-40 per pound.

    Renowned for their pure, sweet flavor, spot prawns (also know as 'spot shrimp') have a clan, almost 'sugary' flavor that connoisseurs rave... MORE INFO

    $28.95 SALE: $23.16 lb

  3. Argentine Red Shrimp (Peeled)

    Argentine Red Shrimp (Peeled)

    • "These shrimp are so good!'
    • Sweet, firm, peeled, & flavorful.
    • 20-30 shrimp per pound.

    Argentine red shrimp have a clean, sweet flavor and are peeled and deveined for less prep time. These are ready to use in any of your favorite... MORE INFO

    $24.95 lb

  4. Medium Alaska Sidestripe Shrimp

    Medium Alaska Sidestripe Shrimp

    • The sweetest of ALL shrimp!
    • Perfect for shrimp cocktails.
    • 30 - 40 count.

    From Alaska's icy, pure waters in Prince William Sound, these medium-sized shrimp are known for their excellent flavor and juicy meat. They're... MORE INFO

    $26.95 lb

  5. Extra-Large Black Tiger Shrimp (16-20)

    Extra-Large Black Tiger Shrimp (16-20)

    • Sweet meat, firm texture.
    • Absolutely delicious.
    • 16-20 per pound!

    You'll love these firm, sweet, XL sized shrimp. Simple sear up these mouthwatering tigers and your off to flavor town. Add them to your favorite... MORE INFO

    $26.95 lb

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5 Item(s)
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