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Great Seafood Gifts for Men

Choose from our selection of seafood gift boxes for men, OR or create your own, with giftable foods from the sea, which are popular with guys. Here are some great seafood choices for dads, husbands, sons, and other men:

  • Fish steaks - ideal for grilling.
  • Smoked salmon - always popular with dads & husbands.
  • Crab legs - A special meal for him, and great for family feasts.
  • Alaska halibut - Men love Alaska. Men love halibut. Send a little of both!
  • Lobster - easy & fun for him to cook & share!

Smoked salmon collars - these smoky, oily delicacies are classic 'man food' Black cod steaks make rich & tasty meals that men enjoy. Salmon, with its high levels Omega-3s is a healthy & heart-smart fish gift idea. Father's Day takes place in June, which is also salmon season - so consider sending a box of grillable salmon steaks as a thoughtful, healthy, and tasty present.

Still not sure what to get? Send him a seafood gift certificate - and let him pick his own favorites!

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  1. Smoked Red-in-a-Net (2 lb average)

    Smoked Red-in-a-Net (2 lb average)

    • Award-winning smoked sockeye salmon.
    • Boneless, moist & rich.
    • Impressive "Centerpiece" smoked salmon.

    This award winning (Symphony of Seafood) presentation of smoked Alaska sockeye salmon is a one-of-a-kind delicacy that truly shines with respect... MORE INFO

    $64.95 ea

  2. Smoked Alaskan King Salmon Collars (2-pound pack)

    Smoked Alaskan King Salmon Collars (2-pound pack)

    • Smoky, oily, and delicious.
    • This is MAN food!
    • 2 lb packages

    Alaskan man-food at its finest! These insanely delicious, mouthwatering, messy, smoky wonders are only... MORE INFO

    $56.95 SALE: $28.48 pkg

  3. Smoked King Salmon Trio (Large Fillet)

    Smoked King Salmon Trio (Large Fillet)

    • 3 flavors: peppered, regular, chipolte.
    • Festive, beautiful presentation.
    • The ideal party appetizer!

    Large Fillets average 2 3/4 lb (+/- 5 oz).

    A luxurious, wild Alaska king salmon fillet - seasoned &... MORE INFO


  4. Smoked King Salmon Trio (Medium Fillet)

    Smoked King Salmon Trio (Medium Fillet)

    • Spectacular, festive presentation.
    • 3 delicous flavors.
    • Great for parties!

    Medium Fillets average 2 1/4 lb (+/- 5 oz).

    Here's a terrific party appetizer that is sure to have... MORE INFO


  5. Alaska King Crab Feast for Eight (12 lbs)

    Alaska King Crab Feast for Eight (12 lbs)

    • Two types of king crab!
    • Perfect for large dinners.
    • Elegance made easy.

    Gather around your best friends, relatives, or special guest for a feast they won't soon forget. Succulent red & blue king crab awaits your... MORE INFO

    $512.00 ea

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  6. FishEx Seafood Gift Certificates

    FishEx Seafood Gift Certificates

    • Instant email delivery.
    • Or, schedule when to have it delivered.
    • Great for last-minute-gifts!
    Starting at: $25.00
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6 Item(s)
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