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  1. Peppered-Smoked Alaska King Salmon

    Peppered-Smoked Alaska King Salmon

    • Healthy snack.
    • Delicious in salads.
    • Great for entertaining

    Hardwood smoked, zesty, and seasoned to perfection with cracked pepper, our Peppered-Smoked Alaska King Salmon embodies amazing smokehouse... MORE INFO

    $42.95 lb

  2. Smoked King Salmon Trio (Large Fillet)

    Smoked King Salmon Trio (Large Fillet)

    • 3 flavors: peppered, regular, chipolte.
    • Festive, beautiful presentation.
    • The ideal party appetizer!

    Large Fillets average 2 3/4 lb (+/- 5 oz).

    A luxurious, wild Alaska king salmon fillet - seasoned &... MORE INFO


  3. Smoked King Salmon Trio (Medium Fillet)

    Smoked King Salmon Trio (Medium Fillet)

    • Spectacular, festive presentation.
    • 3 delicous flavors.
    • Great for parties!

    Medium Fillets average 2 1/4 lb (+/- 5 oz).

    Here's a terrific party appetizer that is sure to have... MORE INFO


  4. Peppered Smoked Steelhead Trout

    Peppered Smoked Steelhead Trout

    • Perfectly peppered.
    • Smoky & moist.
    • Great for parties!

    Our Peppered Smoked Steelhead Trout brings you the best flavors from both worlds. The peppery goodness and sensationally smoke of these fillet... MORE INFO

    $29.95 lb

  5. Cajun Smoked Steelhead Trout

    Cajun Smoked Steelhead Trout

    • Smoky & spicy!
    • Moist & flaky.
    • Great for entertaining.

    Mmmm....Cajun Smoked Steelhead Trout! Smoky, spicy, deliciousness all encompassed in an elegantly brilliant portion. Why not elevate your next... MORE INFO

    $29.95 lb

  6. Smoked Steelhead Trout

    Smoked Steelhead Trout

    • Perfectly smoked.
    • Moist & flaky.
    • Great for parties!

    Sensationally Smoked Steelhead Trout anytime of year. Moist & flaky meat pared with the sultry aroma and flavor of smoky enchantment. You've... MORE INFO

    $29.95 lb

  7. Alaskan Smoked Salmon Chowder, 1 Pint

    Alaskan Smoked Salmon Chowder, 1 Pint

    • Loaded with smoked Alaskan salmon.
    • Delicious flavor w/ clean finish.
    • Simply heat & serve.

    This hearty soul soothing chowder is made with our finest smoked salmon. Simply heat and serve this hand crafted delight and take in the... MORE INFO

    $14.95 pint

  8. Smoked Alaskan King Salmon Collars (2-pound pack)

    Smoked Alaskan King Salmon Collars (2-pound pack)

    • Smoky, oily, and delicious.
    • This is MAN food!
    • 2 lb packages

    Alaskan man-food at its finest! These insanely delicious, mouthwatering, messy, smoky wonders are only... MORE INFO

    $56.95 SALE: $28.48 pkg

  9. Smoked Salmon Pepperoni Sticks (2-pack)

    Smoked Salmon Pepperoni Sticks (2-pack)

    • Great for hiking & fishing.
    • Convenient 2 packs.
    • Made with real Alaskan salmon.

    Now you can experience smoked Alaska salmon on the go!

    You're sure to enjoy these delicious treats whether you're at... MORE INFO

    $2.95 SALE: $1.00 pkg

  10. Smoked Red-in-a-Net (2 lb average)

    Smoked Red-in-a-Net (2 lb average)

    • Award-winning smoked sockeye salmon.
    • Boneless, moist & rich.
    • Impressive "Centerpiece" smoked salmon.

    This award winning (Symphony of Seafood) presentation of smoked Alaska sockeye salmon is a one-of-a-kind delicacy that truly shines with respect... MORE INFO

    $64.95 ea

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10 Item(s)
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