Manhattan Style Clam Chowder Recipe

Manhattan Style Clam Chowder


     36 live Clams
     3 tsp Basil
     3 Tbsp Butter
     1/2 tsp Thyme
     3/4 lb Pork, diced
     1 Bay leaf
     4 Onions, chopped
     3 cloves Garlic, diced
2 1/2 qt Broth (clam cooking broth + water)
     1 1/2 cup chopped Carrots
     2 1/2 cup chopped Celery
     3 tsp fresh Parsley
     4 Potatoes, diced
     4 Tomatoes, chopped
     1 Tbsp Soy Sauce



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Place clams in large soup pot, cover with water, and steam until they open. Strain clam liquid(cooking water). Remove clams from their shells and mince fine. Reserve liquid and clams in refrigerator. Sauté pork and onions in butter until onions are clear. Add tomatoes and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add celery, carrots, parsley, basil, thyme, bay leaf, garlic and soy sauce. Stir in correct amount of broth (clam cooking water plus additional water, if needed); simmer, covered, 1 hour. Add potatoes and simmer 15 minutes. Add clams and simmer another 8 minutes. Adjust seasonings if necessary. Portion into large bowls, sprinkling a small dash of fresh parsley  on top of each one. Serve Manhattan clam chowder with buttered soup crackers. Yields 6 servings.

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