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Prized around the world for their sweet, pure flavor and tender meat, Maine lobster are an iconic luxury seafood from the remote rocky & wooded coastline of Maine.

Maine's lobster industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars - annually, and employs thousands of fishermen, processors, distributors, and restaurant workers.

Maine lobster are sustainably-harvested, and the Maine lobster fishery has received certification by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council). With no diving or 'dragging' allowed - the State of Maine also employs other forward-thinking fishery management practices, including tail notchingtrap limts, and minimum & maximum size limits. Maine lobstermen also participate in an apprentice program - whereby new harvesters receive training by experienced fishermen, and learn the laws, guidelines, and best-practices that keep Maine's lobster industry sustainable and protected for the benefit of future generations.

Maine lobster are fished year-round, and are available whole, or in the form of claws, tails, or 'shucked' meat. There is generally a consensus among lobster connoisseurs that hard-shell lobsters are superior in texture and flavor to 'new-shell', or recently-molted lobsters - although new shell Maine lobsters are easier to shuck.

Feasting on freshly-caught lobster is a revered tradition in Maine. From Bangor to Biddefod, one can find roadside lobster "shacks", where locals and tourists alike gather to enjoy freshly-caught & steamed or boiled Maine lobsters - or the ubiquitous lobster rolls which are popular throughout the state. 

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