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Cold-Water Lobster (American/ Canadian)

a live Maine (American cold water) lobster

The delectable cold water lobster, or ""Homarus americanus" is caught in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic, from New England to the Northeastern Canadian provinces. Among the largest crustaceans in the world - cold water lobsters can grow to weigh more than 40 pounds!

American & Canadian lobsters are sustainably caught in highly-regulated fisheries which utilize baited "traps", or pots. The cold water lobster industry is among the most valuable fishery-based industries in North America, involving thousands of fishermen, processors, dealers, boat makers, restaurants, and related businesses.

Cold water lobsters are a delicacy, and eating lobster is a celebrated tradition up and down the Eastern seaboard. Cold water lobster meat is mild & sweet. The prized meat is found in the claws and the tails.

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