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Frozen Halibut

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  1. Alaska Halibut Fillet

    Alaska Halibut Fillet

    • High in protein, low in fat.
    • Delicious, flaky, and mild.
    • America's favorite whitefish.

    Known for it's delicate white meat, which flakes at the touch of a fork, Halibut is hailed as America's favorite... MORE INFO

    $38.95 lb

  2. Alaska Halibut Fillet - Premium Portions (no tail pieces)

    Alaska Halibut Fillet - Premium Portions (no tail pieces)

    • Thick center cut portions.
    • Consistent cooking times.
    • Mild, light, and flaky!

    Don't want any of the tail meat, just the thick center cut of your favorite whitefish, well this is the cut for you!  You... MORE INFO

    $44.95 lb

  3. Alaska Halibut Cheeks

    Alaska Halibut Cheeks

    • The best part of the Halibut!
    • Scarce, hard to come-by.
    • Tender, succulent meat.

    Considered a delicacy by seafood connoisseurs. Halibut Cheeks are delicate, succulent morsels with... MORE INFO

    $38.95 lb

  4. Batter-ready Halibut Chunks

    Batter-ready Halibut Chunks

    • Pre-cut for your convenience.
    • Ready for your favorite seafood batter.
    • Try making halibut kabobs!

    Our boneless, skinless halibut chunks are batter-ready and delightfully easy to prepare. These are wonderful... MORE INFO

    $28.95 lb

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  5. Pubhouse Battered Halibut Fillet

    Pubhouse Battered Halibut Fillet

    • Just deep-fry and serve.
    • English Pubhouse style.
    • Made by Trident Seafoods.

    A FishEx FAVORITE for sure! Our incredible Pubhouse Battered halibut fillets are crazy good. Deep-fry from frozen (or... MORE INFO

    $26.95 lb

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