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You'll cherish our Fresh fish selection!  With brief seasons and undeniably fresh flavor, Fresh fish is a real treat! Flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed fish is available year long, but to enjoy these fleeting delicacies, you'll have to act fast!

We just cannot seem to stress enough the freshness of this fish! They are literally caught straight from the water, flown to our facility, and shipped to your home all within a matter of a few days! You really can't get any fresher than this unless you're on the boat catching 'em with fellow fishermen! If you think you've had it all, you ain't seen nothin' until you've had the freshest fish we offer! Whether you're marinating and grilling your steaks or fillets, or even incorporating them into a pasta dish, our Fresh fish selection is sure to be a very favorable meal for you and your family.

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  1. FRESH Alaska Rockfish Fillet

    FRESH Alaska Rockfish Fillet

    • Arrives fresh, not frozen.
    • Flaky texture; soaks up sauce well.
    • Average 1/2 to 1/3 lb. portions.

    Our fresh Alaska rockfish fillets are mild and slightly sweet-tasting with a medium-firm meat that tends to flake easily.

    Being very... MORE INFO

    $19.95 lb

  2. FRESH Alaska Cod Fillet

    FRESH Alaska Cod Fillet

    • Pure, mild flavor.
    • Skinless & boneless.
    • Excellent for Fish 'n' Chips!

    Alaska cod is renowned for its mild flavor and firm yet flaky meat. This... MORE INFO

    $18.95 lb

  3. FRESH Alaska Cod Fillet - Premium Portions

    FRESH Alaska Cod Fillet - Premium Portions

    • Mild flavored.
    • Moist & flaky.
    • Perfectly portioned.

    It's Fresh Alaska Cod Fillets portioned from the sweet spot! Expect nothing but the very best from these premium portions. Because they are all... MORE INFO

    $22.95 lb

  4. FRESH Black Cod Fillet

    FRESH Black Cod Fillet

    • Caught in Alaska's icy pure waters.
    • Rich buttery flavor.
    • First Available Delivery Date: Thursday April 6th

    Fresh Alaskan black cod has a silky, rich texture and ultra-high Omega-3 oil content. If you... MORE INFO

    $36.95 SALE: $31.41 lb

  5. FRESH Alaska Halibut Fillet - Premium Portions

    FRESH Alaska Halibut Fillet - Premium Portions

    • Skinless & Boneless.
    • Thick center cut portions, no tail pieces.
    • An American Favorite.

    By popular demand, we bring to you FRESH Alaska Halibut Fillet - Premium Portions. These portions are cut from the thickest part of the fillet,... MORE INFO

    $46.95 lb

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5 Item(s)
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