Customer Testimonials


Customer Testimonials

At FishEx, we pride ourselves in providing quality Alaska seafood. It's not surprising that we have collected many excellent reviews from those who have enjoyed our delicious offerings. Here's what a few have said about our great products and excellent customer service.


I just recieved and cooked a meal of Yukon King Salmon, your Crab Bisque and Cakes. Everything was simply outstanding, from the ordering on your site to the eating. I will be ordering from you on a
regular basis.

 - Matthew Hurt

Hi..We received our order of the split King Crab legs today and couldn't be more pleased with the size and taste...They are OUTSTANDING!!! We'll be ordering 10 lbs. for My Dad's birthday celebration next month..Thanks again!

 - Pat O'Connell

My wife live in an area where seafood and most fish come packaged frozen and covered in frost. But, we recently recently received a much welcomed gift from a friend, a package of crab, halibut and salmon from your company. We devoured the sweetest, meatiest crab we have ever had. The Halibut was so fresh tasting we could have passed it off as a fresh catch that day. We have been burned on salmon lately, overcooked, old, whatever, but the wild coho has changed my mind about salmon. Now spoiled, I will have to cook yours from now on. Our friend, who does not eat fish or seafood, has turned us inland dwellers once again to some really good seafood. Thank you.

 - David Melmer

I ordered your Alaskan King Crab legs and I just want to tell you they were the best I've ever had.

 - Carol Miller

I can't say enough about the quality of the crab,and service. I orderd some of the fresh king crab in November and all eight pounds were gone in about two days.The taste of the fresh crab is beyond words. Although the shipment was a week late I was notified several times by email and I made one phone call to Lyn. Customer service seems to have be a thing of the past, but not at FishEx. I have ordered since then with the same end result. Excellent product and service. Can't wait for some of the SPOT SHRIMP!

 - Mike Brown

We recently enjoyed an Alaskan seafood order from you. It was absolutely fantastic, so delicious! We would like to especially thank you for standing behind your commitment to your customers, and going that extra mile!  From all of us here, may you have a very, very Happy New Year!

 - Gwen

My daughter received this order on the day promised and was very satisfied.  She said the crab legs were well presented and she felt like she had received an exceptional gift.  The instructions for preparing were helpful and appreciated.  When steamed they were the best she and her family had ever tasted.  Some adjectives used to describe them were large, fresh, tender, meaty, sweet, tasty, exceptional.  She received five pounds and said it was enough for two meals for her family of two adults and one teenager.  Never having ordered from you before I was so happy to hear that your product was everything I hoped it would be.  Now my husband and I are thinking we should place an order for ourselves. Thank you for helping us pick out such an appreciated gift for them.

 - Nancy

My daughter received this order on the day promised and was very satisfied.  She said the crab legs were well presented and she felt like she had received an exceptional gift.  The instructions for preparing were helpful and appreciated.  When steamed they were the best she and her family had ever tasted.  Some adjectives used to describe them were large, fresh, tender, meaty, sweet, tasty, exceptional.  She received five pounds and said it was enough for two meals for her family of two adults and one teenager.  Never having ordered from you before I was so happy to hear that your product was everything I hoped it would be.  Now my husband and I are thinking we should place an order for ourselves. Thank you for helping us pick out such an appreciated gift for them.

 - Nancy

I have received the crab. It is indeed a considerable gesture on FishEx’s part to reship because you wanted me to experience the fresh crab. You obviously stand behind your promise of customer satisfaction. I look forward to tasting the fresh crab and anticipate a long relationship with you and your company. Thanks for the excellent seafood and service. Until my next order, have a great Christmas and happy New Year.

 - David Strine

MAN OH MAN your guys' Crab cakes are AMAZING. I was definitely impressed with what I tasted. Thanks a ton FishEx!

 - Tyler

I thought I should take a moment to send my comments about the King Crab we ordered from you.  We had a special dinner party for 10 of our best friends and ordered 25 lbs of King Crab along 6 pints of Crab Bisque.

This was one of the best dinners I have ever had in my life.  I have never tasted crab so delicious!!  My friends all commented how I have ruined "regular" crab for them now, as the crab from FishEx was so wonderful.

I can't wait until our next order!  Thank you.

 - Diane Solberg

Just received my first order, simply amazing, overnight service is wonderful, the fish (flash frozen) arrived perfect and still solid frozen, with the dry ice still also frozen.  The fish filets look absolutely terrific and I look forward to preparing some gourmet meals using the recipes you offer here on the website.  I am so pleased to have found FishEx, thank you so much for excellent everything.

 - Geni Howard

Just a week ago we ordered one of your fresh seafood products; the fresh captain's reserve red king crab. That was the best crab ever, product,service and delivery I will rate it "EXCELLENT"!

We are alaskans living in MT now. Thanks for a great job, and products.
 - Mrs Willard Oftedal

What a fantastic meal! I ordered the crab legs for  Thanksgiving turkey for us. Both my son and his girlfriend said it was the BEST and the FRESHEST they had ever had. It is a new family tradition for us. Can't wait to try other products. Thanks so much!

 - Annie Kuether

I order the Alaska Red King Crab and it is absolutely delicious.  Customer service is great and prices are good.  Its the only site that I would order from.

 - Valerie

What a great experience we've had with your company.  The customer service is top notch and the crab was outstanding.

We received our order of fresh crab yesterday and enjoyed every last morsel last night.  Trust me, we'll be back.

Thanks again for the great experience.

 - Beth Wilgis

Just a quick note to let you know we had the red crab last night and it was awesome. My family and I have ordered from you for about the past 2 years and each time we have never been disappointed. Thanks for the great crab!!!

 - Cheryl and Peter Serdaru

I bought 4 pounds of Dungeness crab on Wednesday afternoon and received them Thuerday morning! Very fast delivery. I could not resist and cooked 1 pound of crab Thuersday night. So delicious!

 - Rogerio

Received our order today and we've already cooked the fresh crab.  It was incredible!  For those of us seafood lovers, landlocked in the Midwest, it was a great treat.  Thanks for providing the special price for the 1st lb - it encouraged us to try it.  We'll be ordering in the future : )
In case you'd like to know, we got your name from the Aleutian Ballard crab trip that we took as a tour from our cruise on the NCL Pearl in Ketchikan.  They provided us with such a wonderful, educational, story-filled trip, that we thought any company they recommended would be as good.
We're looking forward to trying the other items we ordered. Thanks again

 - Alice McNally

I want to thank you and thank you again for the DELICIOUS Yukon King salmon. The last time I ate Yukon Chinook salmon it came out of a can. That was back in the 60’s when my father represented Mountain Village Fish Company for their canned Chinooks and Chums. They were the best eating canned salmon ever. I never got a chance to try frozen Yukon salmon until you sent that wonderful gift to us. So once more let me say THANK YOU.

 - John Wendt

Order received in one day as promised -- and it looks great!  Thanks!
 - Yvonne Ruben

We recently received another shipment from you folks and wanted to let you know that after almost four years of buying from you, we are still very happy customers!  Thanks for a great product.

 - Nadine Parmelee

I made a purchase some time ago now, but your products have always been at the front of my mind. I love all your products and recommend your company to all my friends, family, and associates. Your products always make a dinner a very special occasion and one to remember. I look forward to continuing my purchases from your company asap. Keep up the quality and the good ole' down home feeling your company inspires.

 - R A

Just wanted to thank Lyn Jackson for coming through with a generous upgrade to Copper River King when my Copper River Sockeye wasn't available.  FishEx is a prime example of what great customer service is all about -- and their salmon is might tasty too!

 - Robin in Virginia

I have received 2 orders of the Copper River Salmon from you during May. I just want to let you know that they were excellent. Most recent order was particularly excellent. My husband has salmon 3-4 times a week and remarked that this was the best salmon that he has ever eaten. I will be sure to order again from you.

 - S. Fowler, Michigan

Wow!  I am very impressed with FishEx.  Your website is easy to navigate and informative, and the photo galleries make you feel like you're in Alaska.  Customer service is excellent; I appreciated the personal phone call to let me know my order would be slightly delayed.  The integrity of the seafood when it arrived was impecable.  Not a single crab leg was broken, and everything, from the salmon to the halibut to the King Crab Bisque, was frozen solid.  The wild salmon has so much more flavor than the farm raised salmon I'm used to eating, and the halibut was like butter.  All of the fish tasted wonderful, but the crab legs were the best!  The red king crab legs were the largest I've ever eaten and they were actual full legs, not pieces.  The crab was so sweet, tender and moist, I was sad when it was all gone.
 You guys are the best, I will definitely be ordering from you from now on!  Keep up the good work.

 - Christina Elliott

Just had to tell you that I was amazed that in less than 24 hrs I had my order here in Massachusetts. Top Notch !!! Everything.. Just tried the Fresh Halibut and I have NEVER tasted a finer fresher fish even more so than HADDOCK caught off our shore. Anyways ...just had to let you know how wonderfully satisfied so far I am with your product. Thanks!

 - J.Cappello, Massachusetts

Please let me know when Yukon River King Salom is available. I purchased 10 pounds from you, and it's simply the best food that I have ever eaten. Now, it's difficult to settle for anything less.

 - Stephen Guess

We love your Halibut Burger! We're hooked and addicted too ;) We just ordered more!

 - Becky & Kevin

I wrote a few days ago to tell you that the gift box arrived promptly and well packed.. thanks again!  Since then, I have tried the goodies I received, and am overwhelmed!  The Captain's Reserve legs were the biggest, sweetest, most flavorful, PERFECT crab legs I have ever tasted.  I will NEVER buy crab legs from my local grocery store ever again.  Thank you for your superior service, knowledge, and quality!  I will return! 

 - Melissa

I just finished eating a piece of your fresh halibut. It was the best piece of fish I ever ate, must be the pristine Alaskan waters and the way you handle and pack your fish. You now have a customer who will pass the word around West Virginia. Keep those waters clean, I know how hard the fisherman work in Alaska. I live right next to the Ohio River and can't eat the fish out of it. Till my next order KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

 - Tom Powers

I just received my package about an hour ago in IL, frozen solid and packed very well!  I was absolutely ASTOUNDED by the size and color of the 3 lbs of Captain's Choice legs.  They are monstrous!  I have never seen bigger or more colorful crab in my life.  I will be sure to write tonight/tomorrow after I taste them!  Thank you for the fast shipping and wonderful service, I also ordered the crab cakes, bisque, and dip.. they look AMAZING!

 - Melissa

Yeah its me again. This, my third order, is coming soon. You people are costing me alot. I had to go and share your wares with my famdamily and thay now expect the goods whenever I cook for the bunch of wannabe sea mongers. You recently sent an order to the upper penninsula of michigan for my friend and now his parents love me. I told them it aint me its those boys in alaska. THE HOOK UP BOYS! You do what you do god#$&% WELL. I wish I could do the same for all of you!!!!!!!

 - Howie

“The snow crabs we received were sweet and tender.  We plan to order other seafood from your company and look forward to dealing with your competent,caring people.  It's nice knowing you have a man like Lyn to handle any problems quickly and professionally.  We are glad we found your web site and intend to tell others of our great experience.”

 - The Cables - Shandaken, New York

“While waiting for my lift to the airport I stopped in your store and ordered crab to be sent to my family-better than a moose potholder I thought.

I’ve been ordering ever since.  Everyone I share my goodies with are just so impressed with the freshness and quality.

Everything is packed securely and tastes great.  I’ve just placed another order to bring to a house warming.”

 - Gerry W - Woodside, New York

Just wanted to let you know that my last order was perfect.  Thank you.  A friend of mine to whom I have recommended you countless times sent me a gift from FishEx recently as well. The crab I get in the city, even at the finest restaurants in NY, just doesn't compare.

 - Gary Taustine

Thank you for the excellent package.  When I arrived home from work last night, the Special was waiting for me.  I cooked my wife an excellent seafood dinner for Valentines day.  I had to go to the local grocery store and get some King Crab for my two son's, or would have been in deep trouble with the wife.  So, I was able to compare your King Crab with the best I can get locally.  There was no comparison.  Yours was sweet, succulent, firm, and had awesome flavor.  The the local grocery store's was way too salty and mushy.  We are spoiled.  The scallops were just stunning.  The crab dip was a very nice way to start the meal.  So keep up the good work, I am looking forward to ordering more from you.  The old adage is true, you get what you pay for.
 - Les

Great Crab! This was our 3rd annual "Crab Party" and it was once again a success. We had a hungry group of 18 people and we had no problem making a meal of the 40 pounds of crab. Thanks!

 - Jason B

Never ordered from y'all but you Googled well, plus I felt your package was a great value. I was and am committed to American companies and wild seafoods wherever possible.

My folks were overwhelmed with the quantity and very pleased with the quality and taste. They are very picky people who know good food. Package delivered on time despite inclement weather.

Good job y'all! I'll be filing your info for future use. Thanks for all you do,

 - Jeanine Christensen - Austin, Texas

I just wanted to let you know that we received the crab in excellent condition, warmed it for an early Christmas celebration this last weekend - and enjoyed every single bite!!  This was indeed the best crab any of us has ever eaten - Thank you sooooo much!  I have shared your website with everyone!

 - karenz

The crab was spectacular!!  It was a great hit at our Thanksgiving day feast.  We will definitely be ordering from you again.

 - Niki

I have had alot of crab over the years, but by far yours is the sweetest. The size of the legs were beyond expectations. I will be purchasing more in the future. I have also tried your salmon steaks and scallops.They were wonderful. But the fresh crab that was sent, from a gal who grew up on the east coast and frequented alot of restaurants all over the coast from Maine to Florida,  that crab was unbelievable.

 - Deb Thomas

Amazing!  I have eaten fresh (never frozen) crab at a restaurant and have looked for a place to purchase it all over the internet.  Finally!  I order the Bristol Bay Red King and it was absolutely perfect.   I have told others about never frozen crab and about the differences, and your crab lived up to my hype!   Thank you again I will be ordering more today!

 - Joseph

I want my order immediately. I am sorry, but everything looks so good, I want it now.

 - Fletcher Burkley

I wish to compliment you on all things...First, my daughter sent me crab legs, halibut cheeks, and salmon for my birthday!  I must tell you it is delicious!  The crab legs were wonderful and the halibut cheeks are to die for!  Your the best!  We were on a cruise to Alaska a few years back..They served salmon. It was good, but not as wonderful as yours!
And I wish to congratulate you on your web-site.  It is one of the best I've been on...I appreciate your recipes and your gift box sites.  Keep up the good work!! 

 - Sunny Shaine

I received my order of salmon today in time and in perfect condition. We did not wasted any time tasting it and it was delicious.
Thank your for your service.

 - Eliana Giovannetti

The best ever!!!  We celebrated and shared our purchase with my sister and her husband for her birthday, what a wonderful meal we loved grilling the Copper river king salmon and steamed the King crab legs, definitely will order again. Had a problem with FedEx leaving package at my door but your customer service was excellent in making it right. Will definitely order again, and have shared your website with family and friends. Thanks for your help, and making a special birthday ,memory for my sister.

 - Mellodee Davenport

Spent 1968-1970 as skipper of Coast Guard Cutter SORREL in Seward.  Just enjoyed 3 day visit from ex-student and wife who live in Seattle.  Fedex package arrived before they did containing the best king and dungeness crab we enjoyed so much.  Sure do miss the crab and salmon, not to mention the huge scallops.  Thanks for the wonderful seafood, it arrived still frozen.  And my dog thanks you for the salmon treats included.

 - Dick Michaels

Received this order at the residence in Fort Worth, Texas at 1215pm.  The condition of the fish was outstanding, still "rock" solid.  Packaging was excellent:  dry ice divided into two packets located at either end of the box, box itself thoroughly sealed with care.  Timely delivery by FedEx and a "break" in the local temperature:  down to 94 degrees Fahrenheit from 102-104 degrees the last couple of days.  Thank You for the care taken to assure such good delivery of this product. Thank You again for doing such a good job.

 - Joseph Serrano

My order just arrived, I cannot imagine how this package came from Alaska to the other side of the country to Virginia in so few hours. Everything was still frozen and the dry ice was still there. Thanks a lot, I will enjoy. Thank you again.

 - Ruth Zahnd

Thank you SO much for a job well done!  You have exceeded all my expectations--very tasty salmon which was enjoyed by all yesterday (and my german shepherd gives the Yummy Chummies a high-five!), but most of all you delivered 10 lbs of frozen fish STILL FROZEN to my doorstep.  I had reservations about ordering it in this heat (humidex 120 today) but it arrived frozen, with a small piece of dry ice to spare.  Thank you all for a job well done.  I will definitely order from you all again, and now that your customer service rep, Lyn, has helped to set up my online account I look forward to many more great meals thanks to Fisherman's Seafood.  Have a great day--you certainly made mine!!

 - Dr. Joan Arrowsmith, Beaufort, SC

My husband is retired U.S. Coast Guard (36 years), we did 3 tours of duty at Kodiak Island, AK, we always begged to go back to Kodiak and got tour of duty extensions.  The halibut fillets were just outstanding, excellent packing, shipping and service.  One of our greatest fishing pleasures was halibut fishing, we also had a few King Crab pots, many delicious memories flooded us while dining on the halibut fillets, we will be ordering more in the future and we have told Coastie friends to do the same.  THANKS so much!!!

 - David & Faydell Lich

I have ordered several times from you now. Your shipping to my Nevada home is fast, always on time, and of equal importance, your Salmon, Halibut is the best I have had in my life. Living in Nevada it is rare to even see fish, yet alone, fresh good fish. I am the party of the block when I have friends over for your fresh  seafood to BBQ. Your seafood literally melts in ones mouth with pure succulence. I will always order from you. !!! Great service.

 - Debbie

Sincere thanks to Fisherman's Express, and a special "hats off" to Brian, who took
extra care to guarantee the success of an important family event: a birthday bash in
honor of my wife. The parcel arrived at my door via FedEx Overnight, expertly packed and in perfect condition. You people really know how to spoil your customers!

 - John Batch, Farmingdale, NY

Ordered 6 different products. Got them 16 hours ago and have only tried 3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! You get what you pay for in this world and DONT forget it!! I will never go to Red B.S.Lob.double.s.ter ever again. I am a chef and we dont get what we pay for here in michigan. It is all worth it! And easy if you do a little research! KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!!

 - Howie

I had some of the crab legs for dinner last night and they were, as you said they would be, delicious. I look forward to eating the rest sometime in the near future.  I want to thank you not only for the quality of your product, but for the personal attention you gave me as a customer. As you could probably tell, I was speechless when I answered the phone and realized who I was talking to. Again, thank you for being the type of business person who cares about the quality of his product and the satisfaction of his customers. Be assured that I will be a repeat customer.

 - Karen Tulaba

The Fed Ex van just left the driveway a little while ago.  I wanted to take the time to thank you for processing my order and shipping it on down to the southern side of Virginia !   I opened the cool-case to find everything still perfectly frozen.  And...  looking ever so good in the clear plastic packaging!  I also wanted to say "Thanx !" to Brandi for being so helpful, polite, and upbeat when I called to place the order by phone. Her cheery voice is a great introduction to your business.  And I can't wait for dinner time tonight!

 - Frank Marchitto

I had the snow crab legs shipped to my office on a Friday.  After work I snuck into the house not wanting my better half to know what I had (twas to be a surprise).  As I was opening the container he literally tiptoed into the kitchen to see what I was up to.  As I was showing him those beautiful snow crab legs, immediately he said I was to make some for him.  They were fantastic....the sweetest legs and firmest meat.  Now mind you, this man normally wolfs down his food but in this case, I have never seen him eat so slow.....savoring every morsel. 

For now on I am only to get my crab legs from you and next time I have to get the Alaskan King....orders from the boss....:)

Thank you....I was not disappointed with the shippment, packing and the legs.  You will definitely be hearing from me again....and again....and again.....

 - Ruthie Myracle

I would like to tell you the seafood I purchased for my seafood feast on New Year's Eve was excellent.  Everyone enjoyed the meal.  This was the best tasting seafood that I ever prepared for our annual feast.  To my surprise the fish cheeks they were excellent.  The crab cakes went over very well, also.  The best reaction was with the jumbo crab legs they were also excellent. Thanks again!

 - Sandy Popp

Thank you for a GREAT product. Packaging and shipping was flawless and prompt.The quality of your king crab is second to none. By far the absolute finest by anyone’s standards. We will do more business in the future. Happy New Year to you all.

 - G.A.Branigan

Wow!!   I just received my order, all I can say is FANTASTIC!!! The King Salmon and Halibut was fresh, clean, and delicious.  I found your web site from a Google search. Your web site is very user friendly and it made the ordering simple. The fish arrived 36 hours after the order was placed. Thanks for the great customer service. I will be ordering from your company again. Thanks for the fresh seafood.

 - Byron Yahnis

I want to thank Barbara and everyone that worked on our recent order. We ordered Giant Alaskan Snow Crab legs and the Bristol Bay Red King Crab legs. My husband (the official crab eater) is so pleased he can't stop telling everyone about how fresh they were and the big difference in what we get here in restaurants versus what we received from you. This was our first order but it definitely will not be our last. Thanks again.

 - Beverly Gaines

The Jumbo Russian King Crab legs came in today.  I think I need a larger freezer.  The length is so long it seems I might have to cut the end off to fit them in.  My friends want to know where I got them from so I will passing on your web page. Thanks again.

 - John

I just want to say thanks to Cade Smith for shipping promptly and I do not remember the extremely nice lady I talked with on the phone. This was not my first order, nor will it be my last.  Your business has more integrity than most, this day and time.  Thank you for guaranteeing your shipments and products.  I will recommend you to anyone that I can. Thank you again for your excellent service and excellent employees.  They are very considerate and helpful and most of all honest.  Your products are wonderful.

 - Susan Joyner

Thanks for taking the time to answer us, you are our supplier of choice.  We will soon take you up on your sugestions, and want you to know that we respect you, your profession  and your fish.
Thanks for responding, and know that we Florida salmon lovers have a new source, your company, of the best eating fish in the world. Thanks again.

 - Bruce Bachman and his son, Chris

I just want you to know that we did indeed enjoy the crab – it was some of the best we’ve ever eaten!  I must say that your customer service and concern over my little Fed Ex issue was exemplary – in all my years of dealing with businesses I can honestly say, I don’t think I’ve been cared for so well!  Please relay my “Kudos” to Barb as well. I feel like you’re my best friends!  I was quite upset and you turned me around to respect and admire your business practices – not an easy accomplishment.  I will indeed order from you again and will recommend you to all my friends. Thanks so much for your hard work, concern and delicious crab!

 - Teena

Just wanted to let you guys and I’m sure girls out there in Alaska your product is awesome! I’ve ordered a couple king crab deliveries from ya and the I can’t say enough, plus, the salmon info that just came in speaks volumes. Not only are you proud of what you sell, but saying hold off until the demand ebbs and get a better price for the same product says you guys aren’t out to screw the customer…jeez if there were only more of you out there. I’ll be ordering salmon in late May and get some of that king salmon in June as well…mark my word.

 - Jim G in Rhode Island

Yes!  I just ate the Captains Reserve Crab this weekend and I will never go to another Red Lobster again in my life.  I want my crab straight from Alaska!

 - Mark

Just got my order through...thank you very, very much, you made my Mother's Day ! We were suppose to be gone but at the last minute things least now we'll be eating good ! Next time I'am in Alaska I'll be sure to stop in. Take care and thanks again for all your help. Please thank those women too....tell them they made an old Grandmother very happy.

 - Judy Flynn

I ordered 10 lbs of King Crab three weeks ago - and you were kind enough to have it delivered last week. IT WAS DELICIOUS. I have had good King Crab...but this was the meatiest and sweetest I (and my guests) ever had. Thank you.

 - Scott Rovner

As promised, we did it again!  This time we ordered double the amount!  Well, not only was our New Year welcomed in with HIGH style, we saved half for our Valentines Day celebration.  What a treat... such succulent, delicious crab meat ... We cannot say enough about Fabulous Crab Legs & Crab Cakes.  Again, at the off chance of sounding repetitious... we will again return to order more and this time, we thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

 - Jolie Chabot of Homewood, IL

Just wanted to tell you that the crab legs were the best we have ever eaten.  My 5 year old is fascinated by crab fishing and I wish you could have seen his face when he saw what was for dinner.

 - Julie Beckstein - Lexington, SC

Just wanted to thank everyone at for helping to make my family's Christmas and New Year a very special one with all of the delicious crab you all provided to us! You guys are GREAT, the crab is unbelievable and we toasted to all of ya'll for a very prosperous and joyous 2006!  Your hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction is perfection!!

 - Amie Selecman - Santa Fe, New Mexico

I would just like to thank all of you who worked so hard to help me & my friends have a VERY Merry Christmas!  This year was PERFECT!!  We had a blast cracking and picking out all that fabulous crab!  We also gave blessings and thanks to all of the fishermen who risked their lives for our enjoyment.
All of you are the best and I thank you and wish you a very most prosperous New Year!
This will not be last order or my biggest!!  Thank you!!!
 - Amie E. Selecman - Santa Fe, NM

Thank you.  The Crabs were AWESOME.  The sweetest meat I ever tasted.  We are going to work on the cakes tomorrow.  Happy Holidays.

 - Julie Stickler

It arrived today!  Wonderfully packed.  The shrimp, crab and char look great!  This will be our first Christmas away from Alaska in 30 years and it just wouldn't have been the same without our (Alaska's!) wonderful seafood!

 - Madelyn Millholland - San Luis Obispo, CA

I came home from work tonight to find an absolutely wonderful gift on my door step from a friend. Your packing was excellent; the crab and crab cakes were still frozen when I opened the box. The crab legs are spectacular. Again thanks for a great surprise. I look forward to sharing the crab with a few

 - David Hindin - Sunnyvale, CA

Now that's the way to do business! Got my order and thanks very much. You will have my business from now on. Thanks guys!
 - Harris Ekalook

My parents got their crab on time just like usual for the past several seasons. You guys provide a great service! Thanks and happy holidays!

 - Scott

I am a crab enthusiast and I lived in Alaska for 8 years and had forgot the quality taste of fresh Alaska King crab until I placed a recent order from your website. It was awesome. I have been telling my friends to skip the store and shop with you. Thanks for education on crab and a good product.

 - Louis A. Howard

My recent order for ten pounds of Bristol Bay King Crab was delivered within 18 hours from the time of order. Amazing! Your excellent service is appreciated almost as much as the superb quality and flavor of those crab legs.

 - John Batch - Farmingdale, NY

I just received a gift from your company.  The Halibut was so good.  So when you get in any Black Cod or Copper River Salmon,  please let us know and we will order a ton of it.  I'm not kidding!!  Thank You for the wonderful gift box from our friends and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank You.

 - Kathy Boisver

I received my first order of King Crab legs from you and I wanted to let you know it will not be my last. They were so sweet and succulent that my wife and I didn't want to use butter. The order was filled promptly and shipped overnight arriving still completely frozen. I had ordered this as a surprise for Mother's Day but when they came we couldn't help but thawing out a couple for a snack, Wow were they great. Thank you.

 - Tom and Shelly Plahut - Columbus, Ohio

"Greetings and many thanks for the wonderful order we received July 1st and wolfed down during the 4th of July Holiday. We can't thank you enough for the fantastic king crab legs and the gift pack of samples. It was such a hit to our family as well as our friends. On July 2nd, we celebrated with a seafood fest!!!! Well, I must tell you, we have never tasted shellfish like the Captain Reserve Alaskan King Crab. It was unbelievably delicious. The salmon was something I have never seen before and we could still smell the ocean. The scallops were a great hit. EVERYTHING WAS FANTASTIC!!!!! We enjoyed all of it. Again, thank you for your sensational products as well as great service. We received our order promptly as promised. We hope to remain customers whenever we can. We have also recommended you to many of our friends."

 - Geri and Phillip Landry - Bangor, Pennsylvania

"Received the Captain's Reserve today and we are VERY pleased. I was impressed by the regular red king crab order we first had but these are AMAZING! I'd happily pay $30 a pound for this crabtacular Captain's Reserve Red King Crab!!! Thanks so much!!!"

 - Alexander Argiry

"This was THE most wonderful, 'delicious' New Years Eve we've ever had and the 'Thanks' goes directly to you! Your King Crab Legs were positively superb, the crab cakes were... well nothing short of absolutely delicious!   Thank You for helping us start our year off with pure perfection."

 - Jolie Chabot, Homewood, IL

PS.  "We will be back!"

"Gentlemen, may I start by complimenting you on your site.  It is well laid out and easy to navigate, not to mention a wealth of information.  Most important your Red King Crab is by far the finest that I've ever tasted. I placed my order on the 24th of December and delivery was made promptly on Friday morning the 28th.  This made my New Years Eve party plans menu complete, not to mention a smash hit. I was trying to decide which of your recipes to use with the crab but I was pleased to find that the crabs needed nothing but to be heated and served. They were outstanding, I fully intend to place future orders as do members of my family who attended my party and tasted your product.  I have taken the liberty of sending your web site to many of my closest friends, whom I suspect will be more than happy to place orders with you also.  Once again thank you, for a job well done." 

 - Charles G. Ruby

"**Great** web site!! I drooled over your seafood products as I checked out each of your sites informative pages...I learned more about King Crab and it's fishery in the 10 minutes I spent at your site then I thought possible. Really enjoyed the Fishing Photo Gallery..."Crab Fishing In Heavy Seas" damn! I'm going back to checking your sites Fishing Links...Good luck with your new store."

 -Jim Vanson - Vancouver BC, Canada

"Just wanted you to know how much we really enjoyed our King Crab. It was the biggest and best tasting we have ever had. Even the meat in the joints tasted sweet. We were extremely pleased with the size & quantity not to mention quality of our order.'

 - The Elpradd's

"Our order made it to us on the day we expected, and the crab was fantastic.  Thanks again for making this happen. You'll continue to be our Crab vendor of choice..."
Thanks again.

 - Glenn

"FABULOUS...rave reviews from all four of us...including my friend the restauranteur!
I would go on and on, but FABULOUS just says it all...thanks, Jeff!"

 - Gary F. Heurich - Washington DC

"The Holidays have been so overwhelming, and I don't remember if I got our huge thank you off to you wonderful folks before here it comes again. We appreciate your helpfulness and generosity in answering our calls regarding our order. UPS did finally deliver it late in the evening. He was embarrassed. This was the error of UPS and not your error.....yet you made it right for us. This is a wonderful business ethic that guided you and we just want you to know how much we value that. We shall remain loyal customers for years to come. Thank you so much., and thank you for the little bonus of the crab cakes which you included....that was generous and wonderful."

 - Vilis and Marilee Berzins - Denver, CO
P.S. We loved the crab...every morsel.

"First I would like to say I had some of the Red King Crab Legs yesterday and I'm probably ruined for the rest of my life. My wife and I have always loved crab legs, with her it's almost an obsession. I ordered her the 5 lb. gift box on Monday and she ate them last night. I have never seen my wife not able to finish the crab legs in front of her but last night she could not for being stuffed. I actually got to eat some and I must tell you I have never tasted anything like it in all my life. I was in the Navy, never made it to Alaska, and traveled the world quite extensively and I must say that I have never had anything even close to the Red King Crab Legs. You definitely have a new customer with my family."

 - Russell B. Jenkins

"I wanted to tell you that the crab that you sent was absolutely delicious. I had to tell you that. You put many smiles around my table last night. Thank you."

 - Hedy Putegnat


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