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Cold-Smoked Yukon Salmon Jerky Strips

Our smoky, Yukon Native-style salmon strips are full of delicious & healthy Omega-3 oils.

These traditional strips are salted in a brine to bring out their all-natural flavor, then cold-smoked to perfection at one of Alaska's oldest commercial smokehouses.

This cold-smoking process leaves the healthy & delicious oil within the salmon strips, giving them a richness you will not find in salmon smoked with the much more common "kippering" process. Preparing salmon strips this way is very labor-intensive, and time-consuming, which is why you won't find these types of strips outside of Alaska.

Cold-Smoked Yukon Salmon Jerky Strips- $49.95 lb.

 ▪ Native-style smoked salmon
 ▪ Smoky, salty, and oily.
 ▪ Approximately 1 feet long each

Lbs. Basket - Checkout

Whole salmon fillets are sliced into strips, marinated in a salt brine with other seasonings, and hung in the smokehouse to slowly cure and smoke over a period of days.

This method of smoking salmon has been used by Alaskan Native Americans for many generations and is still commonly practiced today. This "curing" of salmon creates stores of delicious smoked salmon that helps sustain native villages through out the long cold Alaskan winters.

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