Choose from a variety of premium, specialty shrimp- from sweet Alaskan sidestripe shrimp to giant tiger prawns from Asia.  When seasonally available, we offer fresh (never-frozen) cold-water shrimp from Alaska.  Be sure to sign-up for our email notifications, so that you don’t miss out on a fresh shrimp delivery, or a super sale.

Black Tiger Prawns

Impress and amaze your friends with these delicious prawns!

These mild flavored, firm prawns have been deveined, and the back shell split open- for your convenience.  With an average size of under 15 per pound for the Super Jumbo, and 31-40 for the Large, these scrumptious shrimp are sure to turn every head at your dinner table!

The clean, mild flavor of these impressive Tiger Shrimp, makes them versatile in the kitchen and suitable for a wide variety of recipes.

Two Sizes Available!!

Super Jumbo Black Tiger Prawns (U-15 ct)
$29.95 lb.

▪ Deveined; back shell split open.
▪ Average 15 per lb.
▪ Uncooked & ready for your grill!.


Large Black Tiger Prawns (31-40 ct)
$24.95 lb.

▪ Deveined; back shell split open.
▪ Average 31- 40 per lb.
▪ Uncooked & ready for your grill!.


Chilean Red Shrimp

Experience delicious, already-peeled Chilean red shrimp!  These salad/ cocktail-sized, peeled shrimp have a firm texture, and buttery, lobster-like flavor.

Like all cold water shrimp, Chilean red shrimp have a pure clean flavor. Even when raw, these shrimp have vibrant red highlights over snow-white meat.

Although smaller, Chilean red shrimp compare  favorably to Alaska spot shrimp.  Unlike spots, these excellent shrimp are already peeled, cooked, and ready-to-eat!

You will love their flavor, and the convenience of these peeled, cooked, and ready-to-eat shrimp!

*Best when served chilled

Chilean Red Shrimp
$22.95 lb.

Peeled & pre-cooked.
▪ Count: 120 to 130 per lb.
▪ 1 lb vacuum-sealed bags.


$29 Unlimited FLAT-RATE - Overnight Delivery from Alaska*

  • Includes:  Insulated Box, Dry Ice, Insurance, and FedEx Overnight delivery.
  • Available in most major US cities.
  • *Some (typically rural) areas require Priority Flat-Rate shipping  $58
    • Hawaii FLAT-RATE shipping is $79
    • Alaska Home Delivery is available in some areas for $19.
  • No minimums. No maximums. Order what you’d like!

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