King Salmon Steaks

Wild Alaska
King Salmon Steaks

These giant Alaska king salmon steaks are sure to satisfy the biggest of seafood appetites. Alaska's king salmon are known for their superior flavor and tender flaky meat.

Alaskan king salmon carry a high oil content which is laden with heart-smart Omega-3 oils. So not only do they taste incredible, king salmon is also very healthy as well.

So fire up your grill or broiler, invite your friends and family, and have a salmon steak dinner that everyone will love and remember.

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King Salmon Steaks

Alaska King Salmon Steaks

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Alaska King Salmon Nutrition


Serving size: 100 grams




25.7 g


13.3 g

Saturated Fat

3.2 g


60 mg


85 mg


1.7 g

Source: Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Storing and Thawing

To thaw fresh-frozen salmon steaks, place them in refrigerator for a day. Because they are vacuum-sealed you can also run cold water over sealed steaks to speed up the thawing process. Quickly rinse salmon prior to preparing it. Left-over salmon should be refrigerated and used within a couple of days.

Packaging and Portion Sizes

Our wild Alaska King salmon steaks are flash-frozen and individually vacuum-sealed for your convenience. The large steaks range from 1/2 pound to over a pound each, and are cut at approximately 1" thickness.

Serving Sizes

Serving salmon steaks is easy. In almost all entrees, 1 steak per person is customary. If trying to serve smaller portions, you may want to cut these large steaks in half.

Salmon Recipes

Browse our large collection of salmon recipes for a sizzling recipe to spice up the dinner table.

See where your king salmon come from and just how well they are taken care of to insure you the highest quality. See what is involved in capturing, delivering, processing, and flash-freezing these delicious salmon so they can be delivered overnight to your home for your thorough enjoyment.

Fishing Seasons

The main king salmon fisheries are during the early summer months, while smaller spring, winter and fall fisheries exist as well. In recent years, Alaska fishermen have began catching salmon with care, being careful how salmon are handled and "icing them down" to keep the salmon as fresh as possible. Alaskan salmon are caught in the wild, not farmed.


Alaska King Salmon is available all year long. Along with fresh markets, you can find quality processed king salmon fillets and steaks that have been well handled and are perfect for stocking freezers with. High quality troll-caught king salmon are also available throughout the year.

Learn even more about Alaska king salmon on our King Salmon & About Alaska Salmon pages. And see some huge kings in our Salmon Fishing Gallery. In our most recent article, you can see just how the king salmon are cared for in "Bringing in the Kings".

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