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Located in Anchorage, Alaska- close to the catch, we ship ultra-fresh seafood via FedEx/ UPS, right to your front door!

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Norton Sound Alaska
Red King Crab

Extremely rare.  Never-before offered!

Enjoy mouth-watering fresh red king crab, flown-in directly from Nome- Alaska’s famous gold-rush town, and the finish-line for the Iditarod (the Last Great Race).

Similar in size to Alaska’s famous Bristol Bay king crab, these succulent crab clusters weigh-in at over a pound each!  Don’t miss-out; treat your tastebuds to this sweet, flavorful king crab from the pure, icy waters of Alaska’s Norton Sound.

Exclusively available during the summer.

Try it with Truffle Butter.
Makes excellent crab spectacular!

3 oz Tub $14.95

JUMBO Fresh Norton Sound Red King Crab
$39.95 lb.

▪ Whole clusters (legs & claws).
▪ Fresh (never-frozen).
▪ Limited Season.  Order today!


Orders are filled on a
 first come, first-served basis

Fresh Norton Sound
Alaska Red King Crab

From the icy cold waters of Norton Sound, Alaska; our sweet Red King Crab legs are flown fresh into Anchorage weekly. Smaller in size than their Bristol Bay cousins, these delectable, petite king crab legs are every bit as tasty!

This superb king crab has soft, sweet,
delicate meat, and a rich flavor
than cannot be rivaled by any frozen crab.

If you’ve never experienced fresh king crab- we encourage you to give this a try.
It is simply superior to anything frozen!

Try it with Truffle Butter.
Makes excellent crab spectacular!

3 oz Tub $14.95

Fresh Norton Sound Red King Crab
$28.95 lb.

▪ Whole clusters (legs & claws).
▪ Fresh (never-frozen).
▪ Limited Season.  Order today!


Fresh is Always Best!

Fresh Yukon River
Fall Chum Salmon

Yukon "Fall Chum", the 2nd richest salmon in North America (even richer than the Copper River Kings), are full of flavor and excellent on the grill.

They are second in richness only to the legendary Yukon River king salmon and packed full of "heart smart" Omega-3 oils- very beneficial to a good healthy diet.

Experience this deliciously rich and flavorful salmon Fresh.  You’ll love it!


Fresh Yukon Fall Chum Salmon Fillet
$24.95 lb.

▪ Fresh (never-frozen)!
Rich in healthy oil content.
▪ 1/2 to 1 lb. boneless fillet portions.


Fresh Halibut Fillet

Halibut season is now open in Alaska and is available for fresh overnight delivery from the boats to your home!

Fresh halibut is an enormously popular seafood, and has been called "America's favorite whitefish".  It is lean, mild-flavored, boneless, and cooks-up a pure snowy-white in color.

Fresh halibut has a delicate, succulent , and is highly popular in white tablecloth restaurants.

Fresh Alaskan Halibut Fillets
$29.95 lb.

▪ Boneless & skinless portions.
▪ 1/2 to 1 lb. portions.
▪ Ships fresh (not frozen).


Fresh Alaska King
Salmon Fillet

Just in! From Alaska’s Cook Inlet, we bring you fresh king salmon fillet portions.

These fresh king fillets have a mild, rich salmon flavor. They are marbled with heart-healthy & delicious omega-3s oils.

Fantastic on the grill!

So, treat yourself and your family to the best barbecue of the summer! Shipped fresh to your home or business.

Now Available!

Fresh Alaskan King Salmon Fillet
$22.95  lb.

▪ Rich in Omega-3s.
▪ Avg. 1 lb. boneless fillet portions.
▪ Fresh, never frozen!



Seafood makes a great gift!

You can mix & match, and create a delicious gift box!
     - Your
gift message included.
     - A treat for the
whole family!
     - Shop our entire gift box selection, or our
         king crab gift boxes.

$29 Unlimited FLAT-RATE - Overnight Delivery from Alaska*

  • Includes:  Insulated Box, Dry Ice, Insurance, and FedEx Overnight delivery.
  • Available in most major US cities.
  • *Some (typically rural) areas require Priority Flat-Rate shipping  $58
    • Hawaii FLAT-RATE shipping is $79
    • Alaska Home Delivery is available in some areas for $19.
  • No minimums. No maximums. Order what you’d like!

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