Fresh Seafood

Located in Anchorage, Alaska- close to the catch, we ship ultra-fresh seafood via FedEx/ UPS, right to your front door!

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Fresh Troll-Caught King Salmon Fillet

Our fresh, succulent, wild troll-caught king salmon fillet will amaze and delight you.

These fish are individually line-caught and cared for by day-boat fishermen in SouthEast Alaska.  Upon harvest, each of these prized king salmon are immediately bled, iced, and rushed back to port, where they make their way to FishEx.

Line-Caught Alaska King Salmon are of exceptional quality, being high in heart-smart Omega-3 oils. Treat yourself to the care, quality, and exclusivity of wild, line-caught Alaska king salmon. They're absolutely superb on the grill!

Fresh Troll-Caught King Salmon Fillet
$38.95 lb.

▪ High in Omega-3s oils.
▪ Average 1 lb. fillet portions.
▪ Ships fresh (not frozen)


Fresh Alaska Snow Crab (Opilio)

If you’ve never had it fresh, we can guarantee this will be the best snow crab you’ve ever eaten - in your life!

Fresh Alaska Snow Crab has a sweet richness that you will not find in crab that has been previously frozen. Fresh Alaska snow crab is superior in flavor and texture to frozen.

This crab is soft and delicate, with a robust flavor. It will literally melt in your mouth!

Fresh JUMBO Alaska Snow Crab
 $29.95 lb.

Try it Fresh!

▪ 50% larger than opilio.
▪ 3/4 lb. and bigger per cluster.
Limited Availability!


Fresh Alaska Snow Crab
 $23.95 lb.

▪ Arrives fresh, never frozen.
▪ Sweet “Opilio” snow crab.
▪ Average 1/3 lb. per cluster.


Fresh Alaska Cod Fillet

Fresh Alaska cod is renowned for its succulent, flaky texture, distinctive large meat flakes, and its pleasing mild flavor. It is extremely popular, worldwide and is commonly used for making fish 'n chips.

Alaska Cod's firm, but “flake-apart” texture helps it adapt well to most cooking
methods. It can be baked, poached, steamed, sautéed, or deep-fried. Alaska Cod is also perfectly complemented by a vast array of sauces, herbs, spices and coatings.  When cooked, the pronounced gaps in the flakes of meat carry sauces extremely well!


Fresh (never-frozen) Alaska Cod Fillet
$18.95 lb.

Succulent & fresh!
▪ Distinctive large flakes of meat.
▪ Boneless, skinless fillet portions.


$29 Unlimited FLAT-RATE - Overnight Delivery from Alaska*

  • Includes:  Insulated Box, Dry Ice, Insurance, and FedEx Overnight delivery.
  • Available in most major US cities.
  • *Some (typically rural) areas require Priority Flat-Rate shipping  $58
    • Hawaii FLAT-RATE shipping is $79
    • Alaska Home Delivery is available in some areas for $19.
  • No minimums. No maximums. Order what you’d like!

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