Fresh Crab FAQs

Fresh Crab FAQs


p-fresh-red-king-crabQ: Does fresh crab really taste any different than frozen king crab?
The answer is a resounding YES! ; Crab is one of the most delicate types of seafood, and most difficult to freeze properly.  Re: Frozen crab: Even with the best commercial freezing equipment, it is impossible to preserve all of the subtle taste and sensory attributes that crab has when it is fresh.

Q: How does the taste of fresh crab differ from frozen?
On the palate, fresh crab has a richness that is markedly different from previously frozen crab. It is also softer and more delicate. It will literally melt in your mouth.

Q:  How should I store fresh crab in my refrigerator?
Store it on the bottom-shelf of your fridge, covered, in a shallow pan. A tip for extending the shelf life a bit is to place a bag of ice on top of the crab (be sure the storage pan is deep enough to hold the ice melt, and that the crab is not left to "drown" in a pool of water).

Q: When I receive fresh crab from you, how long do I have to consume it?
Fresh crab should be eaten within 2 to 3 days of arrival.

Q: When is fresh crab available?
Fresh snow crab is available January - March. Fresh Norton Sound red king crab (small by king crab standards, but very tasty) is available June - August. Fresh Alaska gold king crab is available in September. Fresh Bristol Bay (Alaska) red king crab and Captain's Reserve is available mid-October through mid-December.

Q: How can I tell if crab sold as "fresh" is actually fresh- and not just frozen crab that has been thawed.
As always, it's best to deal with a reputable seafood vendor. Telltale signs that crab has been frozen may include: 1) a slightly tough texture, 2) a less rich taste than any fresh crab you may have tried, and 3) a salty flavor. A fresh crab connoisseur can almost always tell if crab has been previously frozen.

Q:  Can I freeze any fresh crab that I have left over?
No.  You don't want to freeze fresh crab for quality reasons.  To maintain quality, crab must be frozen with high-powered commercial freezing equipment.  Freezing in a home freezer would result in crab meat that is mushy, with a high percentage of drip-loss when it is thawed out again.

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...a message from the Founder

Cade-photo3For many years, Alaska's main crab harvests took place in an intense, derby-style fishery. During seasons that lasted for only days, millions of pounds of king crab were harvested and delivered to processors in the Bering Sea region. Massive brine freezers were constructed, and the freezing capacities of some plants grew to exceed 1 million pounds per day.

Everything changed in 2005, when Alaska's crab fisheries changed to an Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ)- based system. Seasons that only lasted days are now open for months. Because of the more relaxed pace of fishing and the consistent availability of fresh and live crab, many processors in Alaska are beginning to ship a portion of their king and snow crab fresh, instead of brine-frozen. Consumers should expect to see growing availability of fresh Alaska king crab, at white tablecloth restaurants and high-end seafood purveyors.

Fresh crab is superior in both flavor and texture to frozen. There is a rich component to the taste that is evident to crab connoisseurs with the first bite. Fresh crab is extremely soft and delicate, with a smooth, velvety texture. It will literally melt in your mouth!

We recommend very simple preparation and serving method. Steam it for 4 minutes, and serve with a dish of melted butter. Once you try fresh crab, you will be reluctant to go back to frozen.

At FishEx, our fresh crab is cooked, chilled to 32F, and rushed to your door via FedEx Overnight service. Now you can enjoy decadent, delicious fresh crab from Alaska, no matter what state you live in.

Crab seasons are not open year-round, so don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the very finest crab the world has to offer!

Cade Smith
Founder; Fisherman's Express
Former Bering Sea crab fisherman

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