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Snow Crab (Opilio)

Enjoy the sweet, delicate flavor and snow-white meat of wild-caught snow crab. Abundant in the far-north waters of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, opilio snow crab is caught in sustainable, well-managed fisheries in both Canada and Alaska.

Fresh snow crab is seasonally available during winter months. The majority of the catch is frozen - and is available year-round as legs & claws, clusters, shucked meat, or pre-cut cocktail claws.

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  1. Broken Snow Crab (Pieces)

    Broken Snow Crab (Pieces)

    • Easy to shuck.
    • Great value!
    • Add to soups, gumbos, and crab cakes.

    We handle all of our products with the utmost care, but snow crab is such a delicate crab that sometimes it just breaks. Since... MORE INFO

    $11.95 lb

  2. Snow Crab Cocktail Claws

    Snow Crab Cocktail Claws

    • Festive, fun & easy to eat.
    • Flavorful & sweet.
    • Great for parties & entertaining!

    A dainty and alluring little appetizer with huge flavor, for any occasion! Appealing amount of exposed meat for easy... MORE INFO

    $39.95 lb

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