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Crab Merus Meat

illustration of a king crab leg merus section

Merus meat is the prime, highly-desirable crab meat from the largest section of a crab leg. Merus is widely regarded by connoisseurs to be the finest meat of the entire crab. It is quite simply the best part of the crab, and requires absolutely no shucking!

Crab merus meat is flavorful, succulent, and wonderful! This coveted luxury food sells for top-dollar, and many of our merus customers claim it is worth every penny!

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  1. Alaskan Red King Crab Merus Meat

    Alaskan Red King Crab Merus Meat

    • The absolute best part of the crab.
    • Giant chunks of pure, succulent meat!
    • Second to none.

    For the Crab lover who enjoys the meat, but doesn’t care for shucking at all. We completely understand.... MORE INFO

    $99.95 lb

  2. Snow Crab Merus Meat

    Snow Crab Merus Meat

    • Sweet & succulent.
    • Just the best pieces.
    • No shucking!!!

    Our Snow Crab Merus Meat is sweet, succulent, and shucked by hand so you don't have to. These giant sections of snow crab are ideal for an... MORE INFO

    $79.95 lb

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