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Small Crab Legs

Smaller-sized crab legs are an excellent value - and some of the smallest types of crab legs are actually the most flavorful! (Example: snow & blue crab legs are both extremely tasty, and are highly-regarded by crab connoisseurs.)

Tip:  Streeeeeetch your crab dinner budget by including some small crab legs, in addition to the larger ones that perhaps you were planning to buy. You'll end up with more crab, and you might even discover a new favorite!

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  1. Alaskan Snow Crab (Opilio)

    Alaskan Snow Crab (Opilio)

    • Sweet, premium cold-water crab.
    • Average size: 1/2 lb per cluster.
    • Great for crab feeds, events, & large gatherings.

    Smaller than their huge cousins, (red king crab), but HUGE in flavor- our Opilio snow crab is notably sweet,... MORE INFO

    $19.95 lb

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