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Low Salt (Blast-Frozen) Crab Legs

FishEx is pleased to offer low-salt, "blast-frozen" crab legs.  These premium, mild-flavored legs are highly-appreciated by our crab-connoisseur customers who are minding their sodium intake.

Instead of being frozen in a brine solution (as most crab legs are) blast-frozen crab is exposed to high-velocity, low-temperature air instead.  This quick freezing method preserves the delicate quality of the legs, without immersing the meat in a 'salt bath'.  Blast-frozen crab is almost exclusively done for the export market:  namely, discerning Japanese buyers.

We procure this premium crab once a year (during the winter fishing season).  Supplies are limited, and we recommend stocking-up (and taking advantage of volume discounts) when it is available.

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