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King Crab Claws

King crab are know for their massive claws - which are entertaining to serve, and fun to eat! Terrific for parties, catered events, and other festive occasions.

King crab are "right-clawed" crustaceans - and the right-side or 'fighter' claw is always larger than the left-side or 'feeder' claw.

Claws with arms attached have thick, hard shells, and are best dismanteled with a sturdy crab cracker or even a hammer. The reward within is well worth the effort! Delicous, mild-flavored meat, which has a delicate, 'crumbly' texture.  For an easier meal, consider king crab broiler claws - which have been scored around the girth of the claw - allowing for easy peeling & enjoyment.

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  1. Red King Crab Claws

    Red King Crab Claws

    • Sweet, tender claw meat!
    • Kids and adults have fun with these.
    • Great for family crab feeds!

    These magnificent Alaskan king crab claws are chock-full of sweet, succulent meat. Prepare your taste buds for a exciting crab... MORE INFO

    $37.95 lb

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