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Norton Sound King Crab (Alaska)

map of Norton Sound, Alaska, and the Bering Sea

From the icy cold waters of Norton Sound, Alaska come these sweet, flavorful red king crab clusters. Smaller in size than their Bristol Bay cousins, these delectable, petite king crab legs are every bit as tasty!

This excellent crab is caught off the coastline of the famous gold-mining town Nome, Alaska.

During summer months, these 2-3 pound king crabs are caught primarily by Native Alaskan fishermen in a small, day-boat fishery. Fresh Norton Sound red king crab is a prized delicacy, and is delivered to chefs and crab connoisseurs all over the United States. It is usually available fresh (never-frozen) late June to mid August.

During winter months, Norton Sound king crab are fished-for in a snowmobile-based fishery! Fishermen based in Nome ride out onto the frozen Bering Sea, then use chainsaws to cut holes through the ice. Baited crab pots are lowered & raised by-hand, and on a good day, the pots come up full of sweet, delicious king crabs.

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