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Alaskan Blue King Crab

Alaskan blue king crab has a notably sweet taste and unusually large, succulent claws. The shells of blue king crab have navy blue highlights, which turn bright orange after being cooked.

In Alaska, most blue king crab are caught in the 'Saint Matthew Island' fishery, although populations exist in other parts of the state. Some of Alaska's largest blue king crab can be found in the waters surrounding the Pribilof Islands, in the Bering Sea.

Many FishEx employees prefer "Alaskan blue" to any other type of king crab. In fact- Cade Smith, the Founder of FishEx is 'on record' as saying "the best king crab he has ever eaten" was a fresh, whole-cooked Saint Matthew blue king crab.

Once a little-known type of king crab, Alaskan blue king crab was popularized by Discovery's 'Deadliest Catch' TV series. Here at FishEx, we offer blue king crab whenever fishing seasons allow. In Alaska, blue seasons are much more limited than those for other king crab types - so we don't always have this sweet king crab available. If this is the case - be sure to sign-up for 'back-in-stock' emailed notification.

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