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'Jazz-up' your next crab feast with our tried-and-true crab seasonings and dipping butters!

White truffle butter is by far the best dipping butter we've ever tried with crab. Excellent with many other types of seafood, as well - this fragrant, divine butter is capable of transforming a great crab feast to an over-the-top-amazing crab experience!

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  1. Ceramic Butter Warmer

    Ceramic Butter Warmer

    • Clean & elegant design.
    • Dishwasher-safe; easy clean-up!
    • Holds butter at the perfect temperature.

    These elegant, innovative ceramic butter warmers will hold your crab or lobster dipping butter at an optimal... MORE INFO

    $14.95 ea

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Tips for Preparing Crab Dipping Butters

Tip 1 - Tabasco butter:  Try adding just a couple of drops of Tabasco sauce to your cup or ramekin of dipping butter. It doesn't take much - and this small amount of Tabasco really doesn't make it spicy. It does however give your crab butter an extra layer of complexity and flavor.

Tip 2 - Although clarified or "drawn" butter is often associated with crab or lobster, we actually don't recommend it.  Butter is clarified by removing the natural milk solids & water - and those solids are where much of the flavor in butter originates. 

Tip 3 - Salted vs. unsalted butter:  In most cases, we recommend melting lightly salted butter for dipping your crab. Be sure to use a fresh stick of tightly-wrapped butter - as unwrapped butter is more prone to carry unwanted flavors. Use unsalted butter when: 1) watching your sodium intake, or 2) eating crab that you find to be a bit too salty for your taste.)

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