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Alaskan Cod

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  1. Alaska Cod Fillet

    Alaska Cod Fillet

    • Mild-flavored and versatile.
    • Boneless & skinless.
    • Great for fish 'n chips!

    Alaska cod (also known as 'true cod', or 'Pacific cod') has succulent, firm meat with distinctive large flakes and a... MORE INFO

    $16.59 lb

  2. Alaskan Amber Beer-Battered Cod

    Alaskan Amber Beer-Battered Cod

    • Moist, flaky, and crunchy.
    • Real Alaskan Amber beer.
    • Great for fish & chips.

    Alaskan Amber Beer-Battered Cod portions are light, flaky, and delicious. Made with real Alaskan Amber beer and premium Alaskan Cod fillet,... MORE INFO

    $18.95 lb

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  3. Alaska Lingcod Fillet

    Alaska Lingcod Fillet

    • Excellent for fish 'n chips!
    • Large snowy-white meat flakes.
    • A great alternative to Halibut.

    Lingcod is a mild-tasting, tender fish with large meat flakes that has a high fat content lending to their moist fillets. The firm, snow-white... MORE INFO

    $24.95 lb

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